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Research Lab

The Diverse Family Relationships lab has a lot of fun together. We have a party at my house after each fall and spring semester.  It's an opportunity for me to thank everyone for their time and dedication to the lab, celebrate our accomplishments, and de-stress after a hard semester.  Below are some pictures from past lab parties and conference presentations.

Rachel Mack presenting at the Association for Psychological Science in Washington DC - May 2019

Spring soiree April 2019. L to R: Christina Gee, Barunie Kim, Rachel Mack, Julia Mancini, Sabrina Zuskov, Samantha Deng, & Lindsey Siff

(Back l to r) Dr. Gee, Noa Leiter, Helia Imany-Shakibai, Tinsley Harris, Mira Copich, Liz Konneker (Front l to r) Rachel Mack, Barunie Kim, Julia Mancini, Sam Deng, Lindsey Siff, Rachel Simon, Alexandra Amman

December 2018 Holiday Party at Dr. Gee's house - A fun brunch featuring an avocado toast bar and traditional white elephant gift exchange. The most popular gifts this year were a giant stress ball, a Freud finger puppet and couch, and a beautiful candle.


August 2018: Barunie Kim & Sam Swisher presenting at APA in San Francisco
Barunie Kim, Sam Swisher, & Christina Gee presenting at APA 2018 in San Francisco

Dr. Isaiah Pickens was in the lab as an undergraduate (BA '05) and is now a licensed clinical psychologist. We've kept in touch over the years and he visits my family regularly when he's in town.

Spring 2018 - Sage Hess, Sam Swisher, Katy Pokorny, Tinsley Harris, and Alyssa Poblete dining al fresco


April 2018: Barunie Kim, Sam Swisher, and Katy Pokorny presenting at GW Research Days


Winter 2017: Helia Imany, Sam Swisher, Rachel Simon, Tinsley Harris, Katy Pokorny, Sage Hess, Alyssa Poblete, and Barunie Kim


Spring 2017: Rachel Mack, Abby Wolf, Isabella Taormina, Jess Allen, Sam Swisher, Romy Stankofski, Syeda Younus, Jennifer Gittleman


Fall 2016: Syeda Younus, Wesley Langlais, Laura McKenna, Isabella Taormina, Rachel Mack, Sage Hess, Jess Allen, Sam Swisher, Alyssa Poblete, Jennifer Gittleman


Fall 2014 (left to right): Back row - Alyssa Poblete, Rachel Mack, Monique McKenny, Christina Gee (and Jordan Gee)
Front row- Sunny Hwang, Alex Whisnant, Kellianne Holland


Summer 2013 (left to right) Maggie Kinsky, Christina Gee, Michelle Kuhn

Summer 2010: Isaiah Pickens' book launch - several years after he graduated with his B.A. from GW.  He later went on to earn his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Fordham University.


Spring 2010 (left to right) Back: Matt Arango, Claudia Reyes, Colleen Varga, Lyzaida Rivera; Front: Holly Semble, Emily Hotez, Jessica Escobar, Christia Gee

Fall 2009 (left to right): Back: Susie Hwang, Sonia Sakhrani, Colleen Varga Front: Jessica Escobar, Lyzaida Rivera, Niela Fuchs, Lily Cahnman, Christina Gee (and Jordan Gee)

Jessica Jankowski, Claudia Reyes, & Christina Gee at Jessica's wedding, June 2008

Michael Reiter & Christina Gee at Jessica's Wedding, June 2008

Dr. Reiter and Dr. Gee - Spring 2008 Graduation

[End of Semester Dinner - Spring 2008]

From left to right:

Front row: Colleen Varga, Jessica Jankowski, Jill Terner, Robyn Licht, Leah Brown

Back row: Todd Galbraith, Christina Gee, Claudia Reyes, Lauren Pisani, Jen Perry, Lisa Ramadhar, Amanda Spatz


[End of Semester Dinner - Fall 2007]

(back) Leah Brown, Robyn Licht, Jamie DeGiamio, Todd Galbraith, Amanda Spatz, Josie Krieger, Yasemin Altinas, Crystal Rosa, Lauren Pisani

(front) Lisa Ramadhar, Colleen Varga, Christina Gee, Jessica Jankowski, Claudia Reyes


End of Semester Dinner - Spring 2007

(back) Katy Harrigan, Katie Berger, Crystal Rosa, Ruth Craig, Josie Krieger, Colleen Varga

(front) Claudia Reyes, Jessica Jankowski, Michael Reiter, Christina Gee, Chris McNerney


End of Semester Dinner - Fall 2006

(back) Katie Berger, Ruth Craig, Josie Krieger, Chris McNerney, Crystal Rosa, Christina Gee

(front) Jessica's fiancée Brian, Jessica Jankowski, Chris McNerney, Katy Harrigan


[End of term dinner - May 2006]


[Suzanne presents her poster at the SRA conference - 2006 - San Francisco]


[End of term dinner - Spring 2004 - from right to left - Chris, Isaiah, Mollie, Christina, Dell, Michael, and Lisa]


[End of term dinner - Spring 2004 - After the meal's fourth course]


[End of term dinner - Spring 2004 - Chris in deep thought]


End of term dinner - Spring 2004 - Waiting patiently for dessert


[Chris describes the research poster at Eastern Psychological Association conference - 2004 - Washington DC]

[Mike and Chris at Eastern Psychological Association conference - 2004 - Washington DC]


Spring 2003 - From left to right - Chris, Erica, and Christina Gee