Papers on the Quality Improvement Priority Matrix

Schupie Productions has created software for the internet which makes it much easier to create QIPM surveys and process the data. See Igor Dubina has created a similar software program in Russian. His program analyzes the date in many ways.


Igor Dubina and Stuart Umpleby “A Quality Improvement Approach to Assessing an Organization’s Climate for Creativity and Innovation ” (Paper)



Dubina, Igor and A. Oshkalo, “Applying the Quality Improvement Priority Matrix in the Marketing Activity of a Company” (Paper)

Dragan Tevdovski, Irina Naoumova, and Stuart Umpleby, “A Method for Designing Improvements in Organizations, Products, and Services.” (Paper) (Appendix) (Slides)

Stuart Umpleby, “Two Methods for Increasing Faculty Governance in Universities: Transcript of an On-line Workshop.” (Paper)

Management Science Department, “QIPM Survey Results 2006.” (Slides)



Dubina, Igor and Stuart Umpleby, “Agenda Setting and Improvement Monitoring in a University Department” (Paper) (Photos) (Slides)



Prytula, Yaroslav, and Stuart Umpleby, “Improving the Performance of Universities in Transitional Economies.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart and Irina Naoumova, “Comparing Priorities in an American Academic Department and a Russian Academic Department.” (Paper)



Stuart Umpleby, Saadia Khilji and Sang Kil (Samuel) Kim, “Observing Improvement in a University Department” (Paper)

Stuart Umpleby, Irina Naoumova and Saadia Khilji “A Comparison of Priorities in American and Russian Academic Departments.” (Slides)



Umpleby, Stuart, and Aram Karapetyan, “How a Quality Improvement Priority Matrix Reveals Change in a University Department.” (Short) (Long)



Stuart Umpleby and Oleksandr Melnychenko with assistance from Nino Okribelashvili, Nadya Krylova, and Mohamad Lazkani, “Using a Quality Improvement Priority Matrix in a University Department.” (Paper) (Slides)

Naoumova, Irina and Stuart Umpleby with Natalia Totskaya, “Two Methods Useful for Starting a Quality Improvement Program,” (Paper)

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