Papers on Cybernetics and Systems Science

Below are some recent papers by members of the Research Program. We have also assembled abstracts arranged by academic year. Please refer to this page for papers in other languages. For older papers, go here.

For papers that use the Participatory Strategic Planning methods developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, refer to this page. For papers using a Quality Improvement Priority Matrix, a method for continuous process improvement, see this page. For papers on Cross-Cultural Management, see this page.


Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Science: Logic, Strategies, Methods” (Paper) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Identifying a Philosophy and Methods for Second-Order Science” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “The Social and Political Context of Science” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “The Role of Cybernetics in Security Policy” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Cybernetics Then and Now ”  (Abstract) (Slides) (Video)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Science: The Effect on Business and Social Science Research” (Abstract) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, “A General Theory of Regulation: Implications for Science Policy and Educational Policy” (Abstract) (Slides)


Umpleby, Stuart, “A Second Expansion of Science” (Slides) (Audio lecture)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Science: Logic, Strategies, Methods” (Abstract) (Slides) (Video)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Economics as an Example of Second Order Cybernetics” (Paper) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, “The Role of Cybernetics in Science, Technology and Security Policy” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Science 2:  Is A Broader Conception Of Science Still Science?” (Paper) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, “From Complexity to Reflexivity: The Next Step in the Systems Sciences” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “The Financial Crisis: What Happened and How We Need to Change our Thinking” (Paper)

Elizabeth Corona and Bradley Thomas, “A New Perspective on the Early History of the American Society for Cybernetics” (Paper)


Stuart Umpleby and Emil Nedev, “A Reflexive view of a Transdisciplinary Field: The Case of Cybernetics” (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Ross Ashby’s General Theory of Adaptive Systems” (Paper)

Stuart Umpleby, Min Cho, Mateo Ruggia and Arjan Qefalia, “The Shift of Cybernetics from The U.S. to Europe: Implications for Understanding The Financial Crisis” (Paper)


Stuart Umpleby, ” A Brief History of Cybernetics in The United States” (Paper)

Stuart Umpleby, “Russian-American Discussions of Cybernetics and Systems Science” (Slides)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Reflexivity in Social Systems: The Theories of George Soros.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Physical Relationships Among Matter, Energy and Information.” (Paper) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Management Cybernetics: A Tutorial.” (Abstract) (Slides1) (Slides2) (Slides3) (Slides4)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Unifying Epistemologies by Combining World, Description and Observer.” (Paper) (Slides)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Cybernetics.” Prepared for the International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies. (Paper)

Umbleby, Stuart, “The Viable System Model.” Prepared for the International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies. (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Cybernetics as a Language for Interdisciplinary Communication.” (Abstract) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Fundamentals and History of Cybernetics:  A Tutorial.”  (Slides) (Exercises)


Umpleby, Stuart, “A History of the Cybernetics Movement in the United States.”(Paper)


Medvedeva, Tatyana and Stuart Umpleby, “Four Methods for Describing Systems with Examples of How Management is Changing in the U.S. and Russia.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “What I learned from Heinz von Foerster about the Construction of Science.” (Paper) (Figure 1) (Figure 2) (Figure 3) (Figure 4)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Heinz von Foerster and the Mansfield Amendment.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “The Design of Intellectual Movements.” (Paper) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Organization of Regulation of the Global Economy.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Should Knowledge of Management Be Organized as Theories or as Methods?” (Paper) (Slides)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Two Kinds of General Theories in Systems Science.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “What Comes After Second Order Cybernetics?” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Knowledge Management from the Perspective of Systems Theory and Cybernetics.” (Paper)

Buck John, Eric Dent, Stuart Umpleby, “Communicating Science: the Difficulty Introduced by the Historical Politics of the English Language.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart and Eric Dent, “The Origins and Purposes of Several Traditions in Systems Theory and Cybernetics.” (Paper)

Dent, Eric, and Stuart Umpleby, “Underlying Assumptions of Several Traditions in Systems Theory and Cybernetics.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart and Pavel Makeyenko, “A Comparison of the Stability of the Socio-Economic Systems of the United States and Russia.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Cybernetics of Conceptual Systems.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Mindwalk:  Systems Practice in Hollywood.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Strategies for Winning Acceptance of Second Order Cybernetics.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Comparing Conceptual Systems: A Strategy for Changing Values as well as Institutions.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “A Preliminary Inventory of Theories Available to Guide the Reform of Socialist Societies.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “The Science of Cybernetics and the Cybernetics of Science.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Strategies for Regulating The Global Economy.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Some Policy Implications of Lefebvre’s Theory of Ethical Cognition.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “American and Soviet Discussions of the Foundations of Cybernetics and General System Theory.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Science One and Science Two.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Three Conceptions of Conversation.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “The International Network of Systems Theorists.” (Article)

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