A Meeting of IASCYS and IIASA

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Laxenburg, Austria
July 10, 2017

IIASA is housed in the Blauer Hof Palace in Laxenburg, Austria

Welcome and general introduction
Matthias Jonas

Second Order Cybernetics, Expanding Science in Accord with and The Correspondence Principle (Slides)
Stuart A. Umpleby

Social Responsibility as a Systemic Way Toward Peace and Development Instead of the Current Global Socio-Economic Crisis (Slides)
Matjaž Mulej

Systemic Risk (food, water, energy) (Slides)
Yuri and Tanya Ermoliev

RISC Processes and RISC Societies (Slides)
Karl H. Mueller

Towards Systemic Governance in the Anthropocene (Slides)
Ray Ison

The World in 2050: The UN 2030 Agenda (large/global scales) (Slides)
Matthias Berger

Systems Ecology and Sustainability/ Resilience (small/local scales)(Slides)
Brian Fath

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