Papers: 1990s


Umpleby, Stuart, “Y2K: An ‘Autopsy’ of Modern Society?” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “How the Year 2000 Computer Crisis Might Reenergize Systems Science.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Why We Missed The Year 2000 Computer Problem.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, and Dent, Eric, “The Origins and Purposes of Several Traditions in Systems Theory and Cybernetics.” (Paper)

Dent, Eric, and Umpleby, Stuart, “Underlying Assumptions of Several Traditions in Systems Theory and Cybernetics.” (Paper)

Gouchthina, Vera and Umpleby, Stuart, “Identifying the Russian Cultural Constitution”. (Paper)

Gouchthina, Vera and Umpleby, Stuart, “Will Russia Become An Industrial or A Post-Industrial Society?” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart and Pavel Makeyenko, “A Comparison of the Stability of the Socio-Economic Systems of the United States and Russia.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Lefebvre and Kohlberg on Psychological Adjustment to Economic Change.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Cybernetics of Conceptual Systems.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “What is to be Done: Learning Democracy While Improving Organizations” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “The Historical Context of Total Quality Management” (Paper)

Vladimir S. Rapoport, Valeria Ryssina, Stuart A. Umpleby, and William E. Halal, “Managerial Personnel in the Commonwealth of Independent States” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Mindwalk:  Systems Practice in Hollywood.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Strategies for Winning Acceptance of Second Order Cybernetics.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart,”The Acceptance of Social Science.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Limericks About Cybernetics” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “Comparing Conceptual Systems: A Strategy for Changing Values as well as Institutions.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “A Preliminary Inventory of Theories Available to Guide the Reform of Socialist Societies.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart A. “The Scientific Revolution in Demography.” (Paper)

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