Papers: 1980s


Umpleby, Stuart, “Methods for Community Development: The Work of the Institute of Cultural Affairs.” (Paper) (Zambia) (Guatemala) (Jamaica)

Umpleby, Stuart, “The Science of Cybernetics and the Cybernetics of Science.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Strategies for Regulating The Global Economy.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “World Population: Still Ahead of Schedule.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Some Policy Implications of Lefebvre’s Theory of Ethical Cognition.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart,  “American and Soviet Discussions of the Foundations of Cybernetics and General System Theory.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Science One and Science Two.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Three Conceptions of Conversation.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “The International Network of Systems Theorists.” (Article)

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