XI International Scientific and Practical Transdisciplinary Symposium: Reflexive Processes and Control

Moscow, Russia
October 15-16, 2017

Russian Academy of Sciences


Round Table Discussion on Cybernetics and control – A Philosophical and Methodological Framework of Development (reflexive processes and technologies, roles and possible applications)

Moderators: Mr. Vladimir Lepskiy (Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences), Mr. Dmitry Novikov (V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences), Mr. Stuart Umpleby (The George Washington University, USA)

The main issues for discussion
1. Evolution of Management and Cybernetics (transdisciplinary analysis)
2. Socio-humanitarian challenges and threats as a basis for the development of Management and Cybernetics
3. The Future of Cybernetics
4. Priorities for the future

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Report on the meeting from the journal Vaprosi Philosophii (Questions of Philosophy) (Paper)


Umpleby Lepskiy 2017
Moscow 2017, Stuart Umpleby and Vladimir Lepskiy

Third Order Cybernetics as the Evolution of Society (Slides)
Stuart Umpleby

Cybernetic Reentry: Towards a Reflexive Pedagogy for Cybernetics
Thomas Fischer

Big Data Analytics for Organizational Learning (Slides)
Igor Perko and Raul Espejo

Viewing V. E. Lepskiy’s and S. A. Umpleby’s Theories of Cybernetics Through the Prism of Intellectual Traditions
T. A. Medvedeva