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Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine, Analgesics, Anesthesia, Anesthetics, Pain, Acute Pain, Pain Management, Postoperative Pain

The "Primary Funding List" contains all funding opportunities for the year, and subsequent posts include additions to the list. Opportunities are listed chronologically. When you find a program of interest, please go to that program’s website to learn more about application procedures.

Funding Announcements:

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(Anesthesiology OR "Critical Care Medicine" OR "Acute Pain" OR analgesics OR Analgesic OR Anesthesia OR Anesthetics OR pain OR "critical care" OR "Pain Management" OR "postoperative pain"))) AND ((Keywords=(Critical Care or Pain or Palliative Care or Anesthesiology or Patient Care Planning or Patient Safety)) OR (Exploded Keywords=(Critical Care or Pain or Palliative Care or Anesthesiology or Patient Care Planning or Patient Safety))) AND (Applicant Type=(Individuals: Mid-Career to Established in Field or Academic Institution or Individuals: Early Career and Emerging in Field)) AND (Citizenship=(United States or Unrestricted or Unspecified)) AND (Activity Location=(United States) OR (321) OR (Unrestricted) OR (Unspecified)) OR (Activity Location Sub-entity=(United States or District of Columbia)) OR (Activity Location Super-entity=(United States or District of Columbia))) AND (Funding Type=(Research)) NOT ((Sponsor=(nursing OR nurse OR nurses)) OR (Title=(student OR postdoctoral OR travel OR "career development" OR doctoral OR dissertation OR canine OR r25 OR pre doctoral OR post doctoral OR resident OR summer OR nurse OR nurses OR nursing OR predoctoral)) 

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