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When do the visits take place?

The visits can occur on either March 17th or March 18th, 2020

How many groups will I host?

Your organization will only have to host one group for a period of 60-90 minutes. The group will consist of 16 graduate students and they will be accompanied by 2 staff members.

What is the typical format of the visit?

The visits are typically ninety minutes in length and can consist of an organization  presentation, information session, tour, Q&A, and networking.

Can I choose the date and time?

Yes, and the earlier you register your visit, the more likely you are to obtain your requested time and date. We are visiting 6 employers over a period of 2 days, so we will try to accommodate your request the best we can.

From which programs of study will the students come?

All of the students are current Masters level graduate students or recent graduate alumni from the Elliott School of International Affairs. In order to present students with an opportunity to learn more about various global industries, their programs vary from:

What do students enjoy the most from a visit?

Based on the feedback we received from students who attended industry visits, one of the invaluable components they stated is an opportunity to network. Therefore, if you can leave some time for the students at the end to network or complete a networking exercise, it not only helps the company determine students who may be a good fit, but also provides the students the ability to expand their network.

Who from the company should attend the visit?

This is completely up to you. We found that the most successful visits are those that include George Washington University alumni. Students enjoy hearing stories from alumni about their college experiences and transition to work.


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