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The Pyron Lab – GWU

Big Snake
Anaconda - Ecuador

Welcome to the Pyron Lab at GWU! We study systematics and historical biogeography of reptiles and amphibians, using molecular systematics, fossils, and ecological data to understand the drivers of global diversity. We are funded by US NSF grants DEB-1441719 and DEB-1655737.

Recent news:

Starting in December, our new postdoc Kyle O'Connell, working on Desmognathus!

Welcome to our new postdoc S.P. Vijayakumar, from the Shanker Lab at IISc, Bangalore!

Check out our new VertLife paper about the interplay of past diversification and evolutionary isolation with present imperilment across the amphibian tree of life in Nature Ecology & Evolution!

Congratulations to postdoc Tim Colston (2017-2018) for his new postdoc in the Rokyta Lab at FSU!

Congratulations to undergraduate Alexa Lowe (BS, 2018) for her Honor's Thesis in Biology, studying agamid lizard biodiversity!

Congratulations to former PhD student João Tonini (PhD, 2017) for his new postdoc at Harvard University!


Ongoing projects:

The VertLife project is a multi-institution consortium to create fully-sampled phylogenies of all extant terrestrial vertebrates (Tetrapoda), with associated spatial, ecological, and life-history data. This will allow for comprehensive analyses of macroecological and macroevolutionary processes at an unprecedented global scale.

With Dave Beamer (Nash CC), I am conducting a genome-scale investigation into cryptic diversity in the North American salamander genus Desmognathus. Preliminary data suggest that this group of 21 described species may have as many as 50 cryptic lineages!



Across the world, we work with numerous collaborators. If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know!

The Burbrink Lab, AMNH

The Lemmon Lab, FSU

The Rabosky Lab, UMMZ

The Jetz Lab, Yale

NCBS, Bangalore

The Shanker Lab, CES/IISc, Bangalore

The Colli Lab (CHUNB), UnB

Tropical Herping

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