These are mostly old lectures (not updated) from conferences, seminars and classes. They are arranged (more or less) in reverse chronological order.

Bullet Polyhedra in Mathematics and Art, Georgetown University Math Club, March 1, 2016

Bullet  JUMP Showcase Mathematica notebook on Chaos Theory, April 2014.

Bullet  LaTeX for Students, September 2013.

Bullet  Mathematical quasicrystals: the first 30 years. US Naval Academy Colloquium, February 20, 2013.

Bullet  Number Theory and Maps of the Interval, versions presented at various locations in 2012.

Bullet  Absolute continuity vs total singularity, GWU Analysis Seminar, February 2, 2012: Part I, Part II.

Bullet  U.S. Electoral College, Dec 1 & 3, 2010: Part I, Part II Guest lecture in Mathematics and Politics course at GWU.

Bullet Directional Entropy, KIAS, Seoul, Korea, September 2010,Conference on Aperiodic Order.

Bullet  Entropy-Zero Numeration, Lorentz Institute, Leiden,  Netherlands, June 2010, Conference on Numeration.

Bullet Kari-Culick Tilings, CIRM, Marseille, March 2009, Conference on Tilings, Numeration and Computer Science.

Bullet   Thirty Six Views of the Rauzy Fractal, Spring 2007, presented at various locations.

Bullet   A survey of results on tiling dynamical systems, BIRS, Banf, Canada, July 2003.

Bullet  Complexity of Self-affine tilings AMS Meeting, Northeastern University, Boston MA, October 2002.

Bullet  Calculus I Lab on Differentiability for TI graphing calculator, including directions for plotting Weierstrass (nowhere differentiable) function, 1997.