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By baharmahzari

It probably has been quite clear that one of the major themes of my blog posts is and will be my love for any type of cuisine. This blog should not be that one-dimensional though. This week will introduce my second major love in life: Electronic music. Whether it is Deep House, Techno or Trance – I do not discriminate, but only show my love for it. After having been a DC local –I probably should not call myself a local, but I like to pretend, that’s alright, isn’t it? - for almost a month, it was time for some kind of pre-celebration. And the best way of welcoming the second month of my exchange was by showing my love for some house music with a good set. Julio Bashmore, a Bristol native, offered the perfect opportunity for that.

I never had the chance to actually go to one of Bashmore’s sets. Soundcloud had introduced him to me and remained to be the only bridge between his music and my craving for his sounds. The set he presented at U Street Music Hall on Saturday was great. The people I shared this good time with were amazing (You guys know, who you are!). Julio Bashmore ‘s sounds are now officially one of the things, which I will always associate with DC. There is this part of me, which easily connects music to places. There are certain songs that just immediately remind me of a certain country, city or location.

Bashmore was my first sound of DC. His single Kong (feat. Bixby) is my personal melody of DC.

I am imagining myself listening to it next year and I will just get lost in all my memories on this vibrant and colorful city. By colorful I specifically mean U Street. Bashmore’s sound is immediately linked to all the fun that I had and will have on U Street:

It will remind me of the casual order of Chili-Cheese Fries at Ben’s Chili Bowl at 3 am.

It will let my thoughts wander to crazy times at Dodge City.

It will cause flashbacks to the most amazing Uber rides with insane Portuguese and Electro Cumbia music filling the air.

It will make me yearn for the moments at Flash.

It will be the evidence for the fact that I love DC. That I love U Street with all of its shady figures.


However, there will be more sounds of DC. There are already plans of extending the soundtrack , which I want to prepare for this city. Andhim & Parov Stelar will contribute as soon as they have filled DC’s air with their music. But let me give you the debut for my soundtrack for this city:

Sounds of DC (Track 01): Julio Bashmore - Kong (feat. Bixby)





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