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The southern part of America

By sarajebbar

They said that life can always hide you surprises for the future. And this weekend, I got to meet my American friend that I never thought I’ll meet again. We were roommates in Morocco when she was doing her summer abroad in my university two years ago. But this weekend, we finally had the chance to meet in the US after such a long time. I went to Atlanta to visit her and her family and to get to see a different part of America which is the south.

The Atlanta airport is one of the biggest ones in the US so the flight was affordable from Washington DC. I really loved my trip there. First, I got to see my friend and spend some quality time with her family. And since she had Indian origins, I had some really great homemade Indian food. It was really great to share some moments with a family in the US and it just reminded me of home and how it’s like to be with your family.

The city was also really nice. The best part of it was Georgia Aquarium. It’s one of the largest aquariums in the world and the largest one in the US. It was really fascinating to see all these types of sea creatures that I’ve never seen before. And the dolphins and sea lions shows were really amusing and worth the whole aquarium entry ticket. Atlanta is also home of the headquarters of Coca Cola, CNN, Delta. So, it was one of the touristy attractions to go and take picture with all the logos and signs of this big multinational companies.

Since Atlanta is located in the south of America, I noticed how different is the south from the north like New York or Washington DC. People there were more open and engage into conversations more in the streets and public places. I also realized that they are slower in their relations and transactions. It just reminded me of my country Morocco. I was always used to a slow pace of life where everyone tend to smile more and talk more. It was really amazing to see how the US as a country in itself is different from a state to another and that’s why I really enjoy travelling because it opens my eyes to many new things and make me discover the different aspects of this country.

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