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By recueroraquel.

I’m planning a trip to New Orleans in a few days so I have been working really hard in order to save some money to spend on seafood and jazz bars. Unfortunately this means that I’ve been working every single day since we came back from the break and it’s going to keep going like this until I leave next Wednesday. But I’m sure it’s all going to be worth it! At the same time, things are working really well at the OAS, where I’ve been working next to the Spanish Ambassador during a really interesting time for the Americas: the Venezuelan crisis.

This week, the OAS is celebrating African Descents and Afro heritage and because of that all the delegations were invited to visit the African American History Museum today. I felt so lucky since I have been trying to go for so long but getting tickets was an impossible mission! We had a guide that explained all to us, relating it perfectly to the current reality of the Americas. It kind of felt like going on a field trip with my fellow delegation, it was so much fun. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the museum yet, it’s a must. It’s the most recent Smithsonian and tickets are released the last Wednesday every month around 10AM. Be quick though, they vanish!

Some of the OAS tour members in the main room of the Museum.
The Panamanian and the Spanish Delegations members next to Chuck Berry’s Cadillac. ⅓ of the OAS members are women, and even though there’s still a long road to walk towards equal representation, it’s amazing to be surrounded and able to work with this amazing group of empowered women from every single corner of the American continent.
The African American History Museum lobby.
Some pictures in the gallery about Modern Civil Rights Claims.

Also, on Sunday, when the weather was so good that I could put down my coat for the first time since probably...November, I asked my best American friend, Luca, if he wanted to go grab some food in a place with a TERRACE. He told me about a place called Barcelona and although I’m kind of reluctant to go to Spanish places for food since it’s generally pretty disappointing I said yes. OMG. OMG. It’s so real I felt like I was eating at my grandma’s. We had simple but delicious tapas and some Spanish wine, the place was full but it didn’t feel crowded. Here are some pictures. It’s on 14th St, order albondigas, arroz caldoso and olive oil cake. De nada.

My friend Luca enjoying some Spanish wine (he's originally French and we always fight over which one is better)
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