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Black Friday

By emreceyhun

It was calm to be in DC for Thanksgiving, especially when no-one is around.

I was curious about the Black Friday madness that is the madness happening the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is used as a tool to boost the economy, and after experiencing that, I can prove that! Even though I could not see the people crushing each other, abandoning their humanity for a TV discounted 50 percent, My friend Can and I experienced the economy boost by going to a mall located in Pentagon City.

Pentagon City Mall is probably the biggest mall in the DC and hosts a number of luxurious brands, such as GUESS, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy's, Nordstrom, etc., as well as technology and food stores, such as Apple and AT&T.

It was so bizarre for me to experience that number of discounts simultaneously. These prices make people want to buy something even though they don't need to buy them. What is more bizarre was that the discounts are fixed for some certain period of time. For example, there was additional 20% discount in GUESS. Furthermore, I didn't buy a sweater that I liked due to these discounts. The sweater got more expensive! However, I ended up with buying 2 T-shirts and one sweater from Abercrombie & Fitch that I even don't need! It was funny that I used the discounts for my next time, given as a result of the things I bought, by refunding the clothes I bought. In other words, I bought those clothes with additional 10 dollars discounts! I bamboozled you, Abercrombie & Fitch!!

On the other hand, It was nice to see the city entering into the Christmas mood. I saw the Santa's spot at the mall where he gives presidents to the kids as well as a bunch of christmas trees. I have always seen this in the movies!


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