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President Trump

By emreceyhun

I have been following the presidential election since it first started. Needless to say, the US has faced with the most polarised and disrespectful election in its history. The so-called winner of this election was Donald Trump by leaving behind the damage to the founding thoughts of the US.

According to polls, Clinton was leading at the very last day of the election. However, the Trump's argument that the media was bought and corrupted comes true and he won without any difficulties. Even though he said that he will be the president of all, I would argue, as a person living under the Erdoğan's regime, that this claim becomes meaningless in the context. Erdoğan claimed the same argument and eventually the contrary was proved. Even though Trump gets elected, it is not the day to cry or mourn. The US still has working democracy and no-one can predict the next four years. After all, in my opinion, there is no difference between the both candidates. (When I say this in the conversations, I am being accused of having the heterosexual-male-white mind. However, even though I am not a minority that Trump attacks, I belong to those influenced by the US policies in Middle East.)  If Clinton had been elected, I would have written the similar things.

I watched the elections with my friends. Everyone has a cheerful mood but it changed in 3 hours. After the election became certain, we decided to go to White House because we heard that it is a tradition to gather in front of it. Lots of mournings and cries welcomed us. On the other hand, Trump supporters, who are very few as opposed to Clinton supporters, were yelling as "U-S-A". Also, I tried to be on TV by standing behind the people giving interview to the TV channels. After standing behind everyone, I found a Turkish TV channel interviewing people. After a short conversation, I saw a Trump supporter giving an interview. Under the yelling from others, he was really happy. A man ask him if he knows where the Aleppo is. He answered him by giving the most egoistic laugh I have ever heard and he said of course he knows where Aleppo is. The guy asks him to spell the Aleppo, and the Trump supporters spelled it as Allepo.


It was a hell of experience for me to be in DC in the election mood, especially witnessing a historical election. However, the only thing I can say to you guys, now you have a president who trusts in Erdoğan!

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