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Capital Bike Share

By emreceyhun

- Oh my God ! Are you going to Washington DC ? You should definitely buy a bicycle !

This beneficial suggestion was given at my visa interview in Turkey. I immediately understood that Washington Dc has a improved bike culture and felt that this is the best way to feel the city and the history living in it. However, it has been almost 2 months for me to be in here but I currently figure out how to use Capital Bike Share that is a bike-renting company having more than 400 stations and 3500 bicycle in Washington, DC; Arlington County and Alexandria, Virginia; and Montgomery County, Maryland. I am writing this posts to inform those who love to ride bikes and not to get confused about the system and to lose one month to figure it out. I lost one month when I have the best weather to ride. I am so sorry about that.

If you see one of the station, you may think that to rent a bike costs 2 dollars for 30 minutes. This is right if you rent it for just one day. I first thought that it is not worth. Instead I could take a bus to go to the university. However, when I check its website, I saw that there is annual and monthly options. Currently, this monthly options is 28 dollars and annual is 85 dollars. If you rent a bike it is free for 30 minutes. There is additional costs for trips lasting more than 30 minutes but I will give you a trick; it won't charge you if you change your bike in a station when you see that you will pass the 30 minute rule.

Those are the pictures I take while bike !


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