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Just Ordinary Days

By kyuyoun0702

Quality of my life will improve dramatically after this week - the lengthy mid-term exam is finally coming to an end. Even though I can’t say I dedicated my whole life to studying, midterm was always on my mind, and I couldn’t dare to attempt something interesting. Even though my blog post had been pretty mundane these couple of weeks, please excuse me and I promise I will come back next week with more interesting!! exchange-student-like!! I-am-so-happy!!!! posts 🙂 (ESPECIALLY because I am going to NY during the weekend and Bahamas the following week!!!!!!!!!)

One of the biggest highlight this week was receiving free M&M chocolate at Capitol South station!!!! (yes really). Apparently it was their 75th anniversary, and they were celebrating it by giving out free chocolates. It was 9AM in the morning, and my sleepy eyes retained some energy as cute M&M characters greeted me on the top of the elevator. Not only did they brighten my day, but they also bestowed me the blessed chocolate. I, a very secular being, tried to reject their kind offer, thinking that they would rip the money off of me, but they gave me the chocolate and waved their hands. Wow. A free chocolate! Even though I didn’t look so great that day, I took more than 10 selfies to honor the blissful 75th anniversary of M&Ms. Happy birthday M&M! I will try to buy more of your products from now on!
During the weekend, my father invited me over near his office to have a good lunch together. It was a buffet-style lunch and we ate way beyond our own capacities. So, we decided to take a walk near the monument. The weather was not so great, but it was warm enough for us to stay out for more than an hour, which hasn’t happened for a while.
photo 2
As we walked past the Lincoln memorial, we arrived at World War II memorial. The memorial was not only huge in size, but its design and the atmosphere were compelling enough for me to perceive the dedication and enthusiasm of the ones who fought in the war. The gloomy weather ironically contributed to the memorial looking more grand and meaningful.
photo 3
My sister and I went to Le Pain Quotidian to “study.” I was wondering why the name of the cafe was familiar, and I soon figured out that its because the Yonsei student who came to GWU few years ago recommended this cafe on the Study Abroad Program review. I read the review and ordered the croissant and chocolate bread with much renowned “hazelnut spread.” Hazelnut spread was so amazing that it felt as if I was eating the bread just to enjoy the spread. For drinks, we each ordered Iced Americano  and Iced Green Tea. Iced Americano was pretty satisfactory, but my sister didn’t like her green tea. She put in milk, honey, and syrup in order to make it taste better, but it only got worse. But she still finished it! Good for her!
photo 4
photo 5
Gotta go back to study. I can’t wait till my trip to NYC and Bahamas!!!!
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