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MTL Moments

By baharmahzari

As most people that I know decided to head towards the South and sunny places as Mexico City, San Francisco or LA over Thanksgiving break, I decided to challenge myself and chose a destination further North – Montréal, Canada. Of course, the reason for my choice was not any masochist thought, but the fact that one of my best friends from my home university is currently spending her semester abroad in Montréal. It was the perfect opportunity to catch up upon everything that had happened the last months and get excited for the last semester of our Bachelors.

I can only speak highly of Montréal – my 5 days there were just wonderful. It does not matter if you are a foodie, enjoy nightlife or a hipster looking for some industrial city atmosphere, Montréal has it all. Going out for Brunch every day introduced me to the great ‘Foodie’ infrastructure of this city: L’Avenue, Bagel Etc., and Cocoa are only the highlights, which should definitely be paid a visit. Fun Fact: Montréal has the most restaurants per inhabitant than any other North American city. That’s at least what my friend told me. Also experiencing traditional Poutine (Fries, Gravy, Fried Onions and Sour Cream) in the early morning after having gotten a taste of Montréal’s nightlife is a must!

The sightseeing bit of my journey will be displayed in the following ensemble of pictures:







I had many great MTL moments during my visit. Most of them filled with a wide variety of emotions. Although my time in DC has been very limited, the past few months gave me a lot of time to think about certain issues, which I had successfully avoided. My time in Montréal with a person very close to me allowed me to openly discuss all my recent thoughts and make sense of my feelings. It was a great ending to my third month and an amazing start for the last one coming. Time passes like crazy and I am looking forward to many more unforgettable moments – for this last month exclusively DC & GW moments.

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