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Why don’t we visit Obama Today?

By ilakes2015

Two important things in my life happened last week. First of all, my best friend from Argentina, Nico, came a few days to visit me. Second, I got the chance to visit the inside of The White House!!! I was looking forward for both things since I got here in The US when those also looked really far from that moment. Now it’s over, it already happened and I just want the time to slow down a little bit.

My friend Nico was staying in Miami with my other friend David before he travelled to DC. He had never been here before so he was really excited that I was going to show him around and the idea of involving in a campus life at least for 3 days. He had a lot of work to do but he also spent time with me meeting my new friends, the nightclubs and the neighborhood in general. The day he arrived I waited for him in the metro station so we walked around the GW Campus Area. I still had class so he went for a walk by his own stopping in every important monument from the Lincoln memorial to the Obelisco! We met for dinner and I decided to introduce him to my friend Vicky that is the other Argentinian. We had a really nice night together, we cached up about different concerns and important issues going on in our country, we talked about our experiences here and after that we met in one of my friends place to go together to the first bar I went when I arrived two months ago. It was a really nice night and we were laughing about going back home around 2am when we are used to go out at that time!

The following day, we decided to go to the National Museum of American History that was a really beautiful museum. We got the chance to see the First Lady area and the fantastic and different dresses that some of them used, we learnt about Graham Bell and also about the first car that was driven across the continent and the original Abraham Lincoln’s Barouche. The guided tour was really interesting and the museum was so big that I would definitely go back soon. After that we had lunch/dinner around 5pm with some of my friends in a new place (for us) where we had a tasty steak and cheese sandwich. We walked around a little more and that night we had a small party in my building. Nico met a few of my exchange friends, enjoyed the real American University party and the best part was that I only had to use the elevator to get to my apartment 🙂

The last day was a really long day because was sunny and warm so we decided to walk and visit further places. After my visit to the White House, we went to a Thai Place to have lunch with my best friends of DC. Even though the food didn’t look really tasty I ended up having a fantastic dish. After that we walked to the National Air and Space Museum and after two and a half hours of a guided tour, my head was exploding of information! It was a marvelous afternoon so we took a million pictures next to the Capitol and Monument and the sunset on the back. It was a beautiful night so instead of coming back home we walked around new neighborhoods; we went to Union Station and also around the Verizon Center on our way back. After 10 hours of walking without stopping, my feet were screaming for help so we stayed home, ordered a pizza and had a chocolate volcano with ice cream for dessert. It was a fantastic last day and we enjoyed each other’s company like always. Unfortunately we realized that we are not going to see again until August so we hugged and wished the best for the new adventures that are waiting for both of us.

The idea of visiting the White House was something I always wanted to do. After checking my information with 6 different security guards, my friends and I had the chance to get inside and check the famous rooms and halls that the most important people of this country, and also other countries, have walked. From the red room to the salon where I decided I want to get married in, the house couldn’t be more beautiful. Chandeliers in every room, details in curtains or furniture with the symbol of the eagle everywhere and also the hall full of pictures. The visit was really short and it was not guided so I barely know more than I knew before I got there but my friend Sam and I decided to talk with the security guards that were with us so the visit ended up being more interesting than the way it started. They knew a lot of facts and history that fortunately decided to share with us. The dream was to see Obama but the closest we got to that was the big teeth of the fluffy police dog. I cannot complain, I had the opportunity of standing in a place were history was made. Where some people has to wait more than 6 months to visit and where a lot of  Americans still didn’t go. We couldn’t take any pictures of the inside so the only thing I have is the memories of such a fantastic and unforgettable afternoon.

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