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Rock Creek Park

I count myself very much as a city boy. My childhood was spent in what could be described as a stereotypical suburban setting - not to dissimilar to the average American student I would imagine, except more haggis and tartan.

I can’t ever see myself living out with; or far from a city, I need some sort of hustle-n-bustle going on and almost constant entertainment. However, my favorite spot in my home city of Edinburgh, Scotland isn’t a restaurant, an historic monument or a famous watering hole – there’s a lot of all of these! It is instead, Arthur’s Seat; an extinct volcano which rises majestically from the city’s Old Town and tower’s over the Scottish capital like a watchful guardian.

It acts somewhat as an escape from urban life, much in the same Central Park in New York is meant as a sanctuary from the city that never sleeps. This week I discovered DC’s answer to Arthur Seat, and it’s spectacular.

Rock Creek Park, which I knew literally zero about until a few weeks ago is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in the District.

It’s one of the oldest national parks in the United States and covering over 2000 acres, it is one of the largest urban parks in the whole country. I’ve not much of a chance to properly explore it in all its glory, I’m reliable informed that it includes “a golf course; equestrian trails; sport venues, including a tennis stadium which hosts major professional events; a nature center and planetarium; an outdoor concert venue; and picnic and playground facilities. Rock Creek Park also maintains cultural exhibits, including the Peirce Mill and Civil War fortifications, such as Fort Stevens and Fort DeRussy.”

I’m definitely planning on spending some more time there in the near future, so far I’ve just went for a few a walks and hikes. I very much doubt I’ll get time to see the whole thing before I leave but its a great escape in a city which is constantly moving.

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