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Postcard About a Great Friend

By inepalacios


-“Who is the guy that is with you in all your Pictures? What’s it going on with him that you seem to be all the time with him?”- My Argentine friends asked me about Timo.

Although at beginning of my exchange I tried to avoid spending all my time with Timo, trying to be able to know more people and to use my English, it almost resulted unavoidable to do it. The last great time with Timo deserves a post.

It was June 26° of 2013 when I knew that I was chosen for my university to come to GW, when I also knew that Timo would be “my Argentine exchange mate”. At the time I didn’t really know him . We needed a few days to become good friends, as well as we decided to live in the same room in GW during the semester that was coming. But after rethinking the plans, we decided that it were better for both having the chance to live with other roommates, to have  opportunities to share culture and fun with people from other countries. At the time we didn’t know that, otherwise, we would shared a lot of time, even if we were living in different places. Although I can say the decision was a good one and that we made lots of friends, at the same time, if I have to tell about all my experiences here, since January, I will say that Timo was in almost all of them.

Cherry Blossoms

Our talks before, after, and during our trips, tours, meetings, or regular days have been remarkable moments for me.  Ideas about culture; politics; costumes; religion; people; things that we miss from Argentina; our friends; girlfriends and boyfriends; our classes; our dreams; suggestions or simply jokes that I felt that I needed to talk and share: I could share with Timo. Not only all the activities that we do with the exchanges students also the nights drinking Argentine mates (the typical argentine infusion), playing the ukulele, joking had been great moments to really appreciate.

Even though we differ in a lot of aspects like the contexts that we grew up in Argentina, our habits, careers, and struggles; the fact that we are immersed in a world different of our typical Argentine environment made us more similar than different. For instance, after all of  Timo's talks about the Argentine soccer teams, I can say that I almost enjoying discussing soccer as much as him.

As all of my friends, Timo had been a great example  for me. Specifically, he has been an example to be grateful, to be more stress-free, to be humble, and to try to be always joyful.


I am almost sure that Timo knows more than anyone about all my experiences here, my feelings, my stories, my opinions. In the same way that another friend said me (after to share an unforgettable trip): Timo had been as “my written journey to never forget what I lived, what I struggles with, what I felt”.

Thank Timo for your patience, your help, and your joyfulness. Te quiero molesto!

This semester cannot be to remembered without you, friend. Let’s just enjoy the last month that we have at GW!



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