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Spring Break: the end. The end?

By inepalacios

March 30, 10.52 pm It’s been two weeks since my spring break but I still need to talk about it. Not only because I had moments to reflect on, but also because it has been hard to be more “academically concentrated”, in other words, to accept the fact that the spring break is done. A team project due tomorrow, an individual research paper due Tuesday and an eight-page essay for Wednesday. It is Sunday night and nothing is not done yet. Why? “Procrastination” I can say, but at the same time those were moments that I do not regret to have lived.

The last time that I wrote a Puerto Rican friend was waiting for me at Union Station. She was coming from New York, to spend her spring break and the last part of my spring break here in Washington DC.

That weekend (two weekends ago) the weather and my friend´s company were the best excuse to enjoy more than DC and its spots. Riding a bike through Foggy Bottom, DuPont Circle, and Georgetown; tasting the best American milkshake that I have ever tasted, knowing and enjoying the most Washingtonian hipster place (Busboy and Poets), walking across all the memorials (again!), immersing in the genuine atmosphere of Chilli Bowl and tasting its really good food (finally!) those were some of the activities that we did only in two days, great days. I was needing a friend to talk, to reflect, to share my experience, and Jeru was the perfect friend to do that.

We met five months ago in Buenos Aires when she was studying abroad. I am remembering that we only needed an afternoon to become confident friends. We were looking a classmate to prepare an oral exam in two days. Helping each other, we perfectly resulted a complement to get both a good grade. Unfortunately, she was coming back to US when I met her but we maintained contact from that moment. She really resulted to be a great person to understand me in my experiences of studying abroad, in my contrast between our Latin American culture and the American culture, in the same Political Science major, in the decision to leave home and our families to take the opportunity to study in great universities, among other similarities. It was definitely the best way to finish my spring break. I am missing her! Thanks, Jeru, for everything!


Regardless, it was the end of spring break, but only in the real terms, because in mine, I seem to be in spring break still. I don't know if it is because I realized that I only have five weeks left at GW, or just because a lot of plans came up. A barbecue, a homemade dinner with friends, a visit to new memorial in Virginia with the Cross Country Club, a discussion with the Brazilian ambassador, a seminar in the Inter-American Development Bank, a visit to the White House, indoor rock climbing, all events that I couldn't not attend, besides having a lot to be learning from my courses at GW. Otherwise, all those events were moments where I have been learning too, where I had to reflect on too. Without a doubt, my exchange is passing by quickly. I only have to realized that I have to continue to enjoy it.


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