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Waiting on the world to change

By falseconscious

"Due to the federal government shutdown, all Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo are closed."

I regret not exploring the museums and the zoo early on in this semester. To be honest, I was pacing myself, hoping to use trips to the museums as material for the blog. It has been 3 weeks and I just hope things get sorted out quickly and for the good.
I went to Orlando, Florida last weekend to escape the gloomy situation here.

disneyWaltMagic KingdomThe heat and humidity was a change to a more familiar weather that I am accustomed to. Visits to the theme parks helped to cheer me up a little and I found solace in retail therapy in the various premium outlets.

Back in DC, the weather was cold and wet. It's optimum weather to laze around and not do anything, but it has been a few days since we saw any sun.blogphoto4blogphoto5blogphoto6Even free cupcakes didn't seem to brighten the days.I hope the museums open soon. I wouldn't mind sauntering through rows of exhibits on culture, history and nature in any weather!

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