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My research on international human rights looks specifically at the motivation of actors - both state and non-state - to promote human rights abroad. My dissertation investigated the relationship between foreign aid allocation and human rights. My current work explores the role of public opinion in supporting human rights-friendly foreign policy. Another project looks at the relationship between military alliances and repression.  Please free free to contact me for more information about these projects.

Allendoerfer CV (updated September 2019)


Forthcoming. “The Path of the Boomerang: Human Rights Campaigns, Third-party Pressure, and Human Rights” International Studies Quarterly. Pages: TBA. with Amanda Murdie and Ryan Welch.

2017. “Who cares about human rights? Public opinion about human rights foreign policyJournal of Human Rights 16.4: 428-451.

2012. “Graduate student development through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.” With Laura Schram. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 12.1: 8-22.

2008. “Evaluating Hypotheses about Active Learning” with Leanne Powner. International Studies Perspectives 9.1: 75-89.

Working Papers:

"Repression and Leader Survival: The Role of External Support"

"The Effect of Military Alliances on Domestic Repression" with Alexander S. Von Hagen-Jamar, under review.

"The Soul of Foreign Policy: Public Opinion, Human Rights, and Foreign Policy"

“But do they remember? Assessing the Long-term Retention Effects of Simulations”

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