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Top Five Places to Visit in Kish and Qeshm

Kish and Qeshm are two islands located in the Persian Gulf in the south of Iran. These islands attract thousands of tourists every year, both from abroad and inside Iran. They are both free-trade zones, meaning tourists are not required to present any visa upon entrance if they are staying for up to 14 days, and everything is also much cheaper compared to most other parts of Iran. Kish and Qeshm also happen to be very rich in tourist attractions and facilities that they offer; Qeshm is a designated UNESCO Global Geopark for its untouched, pristine nature and Kish is among the best hypermodern island resorts in the middle east with countless tourist facilities and attractions. Before deciding on booking hotels, continue reading to find out about the best places that you can visit in Kish and Qeshm on your next trip to Iran.

1- Hara Marine Forest, Qeshm

The Hara Mangrove Forest is a restricted biosphere reserve in the Qeshm island that is said to host about 1.5% of the world’s migratory birds in the cold seasons. If you get lucky, you can watch herons, pelicans, flamingos, and countless other rare birds in your trip to Hara Forest. You can take ferries to get to the different parts of the forest through the waterways. Ask the boat driver to go at high speed if you’re up for the thrill!

2- Dolphin Park, Kish

The Kish Dolphin Park is a 100-hectare massive entertainment park located in Kish islands. In addition to dolphins, it hosts over 20 types of sea mammals, including sea lion, catfish, walrus and penguin. You can take a bus to visit the dolphinarium, the bird park, and the different pools which host different sea mammals. Because it is so popular with tourists, almost any Kish hotel offers taxi shuttle to this park. If you like animals, you should certainly give this place a visit.

3- Greek Ship, Kish

Greek Ship, Kish

The Greek Ship is a 75 years old cargo ship that has been beached in Kish Island since 1966. It has become a major tourist attraction in Kish ever since, where hundreds of people gather in the beach to watch the beautiful view of the sunset in the evening. If you like picture-perfect scenes, picnics and socializing with the Iranian people in a very peaceful environment, then you should certainly add the Greek Ship to your itinerary.

4- Valley of Stars, Qeshm

Pack your camera and turn on the artistic side of your brain: The Valley of Stars is going to blow you off your feet. This surreal stone valley is one of the most beautiful, untouched natural attractions of Qeshm. The locals believe that the unusual stone shapes of this valley were created one starlit night when one of the stars fell off and collapsed onto the ground.

Valley of Stars, Qeshm

This is the perfect place to take walks in daylight and capture beautiful photos. It is, unfortunately, closed at night to visitors, but it could all be for good reason because the locals believe that Jinns and ghosts roam the valley at night! Phew!

5- Namakdan salt cave (Qeshm)

Located about 100km from Qeshm, Namakdan is the longest salt cave in the world. You will need a torch to be able to see inside the darkness of the cave. However, don’t worry if you don’t have one; they are sold at a very low price at the site. In some parts of the cave, you might need to crawl very close to the ground, but you will definitely be rewarded with breathtakingly beautiful mixtures of colors and formations. In order to improve your experience, you can get a qualified guide to ease your way into this wonder of a cave. Because it is so far away from Qeshm, you might consider booking a Qeshm hotel that offers tours or taxi services to the cave.

About the author

Hooman Dehghani is a content writer at Snapptrip, a full-service travel booking company based in Tehran, Iran with a mission to empower customers’ choices in booking their whole travel online. An avid traveler and a passionate writer, Hooman wants to spread the beauty of Iran to the world.

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