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Some Facts about Implant

Having a beautiful smile and straight teeth are the essential factors that build self-confidence in humans. Human beings have been looking for healthy and fantastic teeth, as in the past, they have tried to find a way to fill the gaps of missing teeth. Tooth loss happens to most people and, it is very unpleasant. Initially, dentists used dentures for filling these gaps, but new solutions can be more productive. The use of implants for filling the gaps of missing teeth is prevalent nowadays. In the past, some of the dentists used implants, and it was a luxury activity, but dental implants have become much easier today. The implant replaces the natural teeth and has the same function as the natural teeth.

Finding a Delta Dentist that provides dental implants with the highest quality and can be challenging, however, Wellbeing Dental is serving residents of North Delta and Surrey with it’s experienced dentists and cutting-edge technology in Dental Implants.

Materials Used in Making Dental Implants

The dental implant is a kind of base made of titanium. These titanium bases, which are similar to the root of the tooth, are placed in the jawbone. Dental prostheses can apply them on these bases. The bones surrounding the implant take about 3-6 months to restore and grow. You have to consider some points while choosing an implant.

 Points of Dental Implant

-Checking the jaw bone strength that varies in different people. Therefore, according to the power of jaw bone, the periodontist decides whether to use a dental implant screw or not.

-Checking the jaw bone to understand whether there is enough bone for placing the implant or not. If there is not enough bone, emergency dentist can use bone grafting.

– The amount of time needed for a dental implant surgery process is essential. Occasionally, due to a long time of implant surgery, the jawbone will lose, and the patient may have trouble eating and chewing food. Sometimes, it can cause teeth tilting.

Implant Usage

  1. A) Filling the gap between two teeth in a case that a tooth is lost. It is due to some gum disease, decay, or some accidents. These gaps cause the teeth in the upper and lower jaws to become crooked.
  2. B) Filling the gaps between teeth if you missed more than one tooth, and the surrounding teeth are normal
  3. C) When you missed all the teeth of one or two jaws

Advantages of Dental Implant

  1. The natural appearance and high strength of the implant
  2. The implant can preserve jaw bone because dentists insert the bases of the implant into the jawbone. It is like the tooth root.
  3. The patient can use the implant for many years without facing any problems

Disadvantages of Dental Implant

  1. The high cost of implants
  2. Long treatment process
  3. Because of surgery for the implant placing, the patient may have problems such as infection, and in some cases, doing implant again is needed.

 Is it possible to remove the implant?

The answer is no. Sometimes, due to some problems, the implant may be lost, including:

  • Patient’s poor oral hygiene
  • Performing the surgery by a person who is not skilled
  • Damaging to the implant after surgery
  • Use of poor prosthesis

Things to do after the Implant

– The patient can wash his mouth 8 hours after the surgery

– The patient should avoid brushing on the first day of surgery

– The patient should use mouthwash 24 hours after the surgery

– The patient should take care of it like other teeth and use tooth floss, toothbrush, etc.

– The patient can eat food when the numbness has disappeared

– The patient should avoid smoking and drinking beverages such as coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks three days after the implant


Source: Wellbeing Dental

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