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2015 Winners



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The 2015 Jiangsu Cup attracted attention from China Daily and received press in two articles, "Chinese growing more popular with US youth" and "Greater Washington."

Gold Award Winners

  • Colleen Mulrooney - College of William & Mary
  • Austin Price - George Mason University

Silver Award Winners

  • Andrew Castillo - The George Washington University
  • Grace Dwyer - The University of Virginia
  • Tzara Geraghty - The George Washington University
  • Caroline Lebegue - College of William & Mary
  • Michael Ly - The University of Virginia
  • Luis Rodriguez De Cespedes - The George Washington University

Bronze Award Winners

  • Michael Aposporos - The University of Maryland, College Park
  • Alexandra Bate - College of William & Mary
  • Brian Bumpas - Georgetown University
  • Jonathan Deerfield - Old Dominion University
  • Stephanie Hand - American University
  • Borja Herraiz - American University
  • Sungwon Kim - Johns Hopkins University
  • Danielle Sarns - American University

The George Washington University held Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest for the fifth time on Sunday, November 1, in the City View Room.

All three GW students were the Silver Award winners for this year’s competition. They are, Ms. Tzara Geraghty, a freshman of the Elliott School, and Mr. Andrew Castillo and Mr. Luis Rodriguez De Cespedes, seniors of the Elliott School and School of Business, respectively. Andrew Castillo is also a Chinese major of GW.

There is a major change in competition format, in which all contestants have to draw random speech topics before they go on the stage, which is extremely difficult, because they have little time to prepare before come to the stage. However, one of the Gold Award winners from College of William and Mary, Ms. Colleen Mulrooney, has made excellent argument on what Chinese students need be mindful of when they come to the US to study. The other Gold Award winner, Austin Price from George Mason University gives opinion on what people should pay attention to when they look for internships. One student from UMD shared with the audience of his experience in traveling to Yunan province, a relatively remote area in China.

This is also the first year that graduate students are included in the competition. There is one from the Johns Hopkins University, and another one from Old Dominion University who joined the contestant group.

All students impressed with how the advanced other contestants are in their ability to speak Chinese. There is a strong sense of motivation to continue the study for professional development as well as cultural exploration.

The “Jiangsu Cup” Chinese Speech Contest was first held on the George Washington University campus in 2011. Since then, the event has been rotated among different cities in different countries, such as Tokyo in Japan, and Melbourne in Australia. Washington, DC is the only location that has never missed a “Jiangsu Cup” event for the last five years, due to GW’s excellent organization and support. The delegation traveled form Jiangsu province and Nanjing University has expressed their confidences that the event will continue in the future, so that students from the Washington Region would benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

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