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Pursuing dreams through the learning of Chinese language

The 6th Annual Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest for the greater Washington Metropolitan area was held at George Washington University on November 6, 2016.

The 6th Annual Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest was held at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on November 6, 2016. The main sponsors for this event were the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences (CCAS) and Confucius Institute at the George Washington University, the Institute for International Student of the Nanjing University, and the Jiangsu International Cultural Association and Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Center. Frances Taoran Sun, the Executive Director of Global Initiatives offered welcome remarks on behalf of the George Washington University. The 2015 Jiangsu Cup Gold Award Winner, Colleen Mulrooney has also travelled to Washington from the College of William & Mary to offer some encouraging words to the 2016 finalists.
In this year’s competition, there was a total of 13 institutions participating. After three months of preliminary competition, 17 finalists from 9 institutions have successfully made it to the final round. The final competition includes three parts, pre-prepared speech, Q&A on China and Jiangsu Province, and improvised speech. Regardless of the differences in majors and background, all 17 finalists have demonstrated tremendous knowledge and courage, most importantly, their passion to learn more about China through language and culture. Many finalists have said in their speeches that they’d like to become diplomats some day in the future to build bridges between the U.S. and China. After nearly 5 hours of competition, Manish Paranjpe from Johns Hopkins University and Katherine Olson from Virginia Tech won the two Gold Awards with leading scores.
The First Secretary of the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy, Dr. Fengshou SUN, gave remarks on behalf of the embassy. He emphasized the importance of understanding each other’s culture through learning the language. He acknowledged Nanjing University and the George Washington University for their dedication and achievements in promoting the educational and People-to-People exchange between the U.S. and China, and the “Jiangsu Cup” serves as a true bridge for promoting the bilateral relations and friendship between the two countries.




Gold Award Winners

  • Manish Paranjpe 胡歌 - Johns Hopkins University
  • Katherine Olson 凯瑟琳 - Virginia Tech

Silver Award Winners

  • Julia Reinhold 叶宁琳 - The George Washington University
  • Reid Bradt 毕瑞达 - The George Washington University
  • Austin Lowe 楼欧斯 - Georgetown University
  • Emily Morley 文爱丽 - The University of Virginia
  • Elizabeth Telford 伊丽莎白 - The George Washington University
  • Dayna Bailey 白丹娜 - The George Washington University

Bronze Award Winners

  • Christian Martin 马晨仰 - United States Naval Academy
  • Nikolai Lipnicky 李国磊 - George Mason University
  • Peter Vigil, Jr. 魏百卓 - American University
  • Isaac King 王毅杰 - The University of Virginia
  • Addie Brower 白爱迪 - United States Naval Academy
  • Julian Erville 王水廉 - St. Mary's College of Maryland
  • Emma Rafaelof 江小莲 - The George Washington University
  • Tegan Gutierrez 周美玲 - American University
  • Christopher Couper 顾伟博 - The George Washington University

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