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2014 Winners

Gold Award Winners

  • Zachary Naimon      李根 – University of Virginia
  • Eric Beeler                温海涵 – The George Washington University

Silver Award Winners

  • Matt Naslonski         纳文斌 – Georgetown University
  • Joel Smithey              久乐 – American University
  • Maggie Wedeman   吴晓曼 – The George Washington University
  • Angela Sako              安怡洁 – The George Washington University
  • Emily Cheung            张达裕 – The University of Maryland - College Park

Bronze Award Winners

  • Samuel Klein             柯连山 – The George Washington University
  • Thomas Kent             简堂牧 – The University of Virginia
  • Jeffrey Wood              武杰 – George Mason University
  • Lia Kauffman             郭丽云 – The University of Maryland - College Park
  • Anna Li Wolf              岳方圆 – American University
  • Matthew Kramer      柯马修 – The University of Maryland - College Park
  • Brian Pouy                 潘福强 – American University
  • Akeel Alleyne             艾克利 – The University of Maryland - College Park
  • Crystal Waller            王晶晶 – Towson University

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