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2011 Winners

Gold Award Winners

  • Eric McCabe                   扬帆 – American University
  • Benjamin Omer            欧阳楷明 – Georgetown University
  • Tim Quinn                     丁崑天 - The George Washington University

Silver Award Winners

  • Bryan Yannantuono     叶百研 – American University
  • Kyu Kim                          金奎俐 – Georgetown University
  • Nicholas Koeniger        凯歌 – The George Washington University
  • Damien Liles                 刘宇飞 – The University of Maryland - College Park
  • Nathan O'Sullivan        欧阳海 – The University of Maryland - College Park
  • Josiah Case                    周加诚 - The University of Virginia

Bronze Award Winners

  • Aaron Turk                   特安仁 – American University
  • Matthew Wagner        王蒙 – American University
  • Doug Proctor               蒲大力 – Georgetown University
  • James Elam                  林杰明 – The George Washington University
  • Nisha Tuttle                 汤茵莎 – The George Washington University
  • EzDean Fassassi          付思迪 – University of Virginia
  • Jin Shin                         辛珍珠 – University of Virginia
  • Margaret Varland       范梅洁 – University of Virginia

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