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Application Guidelines

Contestant Eligibility

University Student Contestant Group

  • Current undergraduate and graduate students from participating universities in the Washington, D.C. region
  • Native language is not Chinese
  • Taken at least 280 hours of college level Chinese classes or equivalent (as determined by the student’s university and subject to review by the contest committee)
  • Proficiency Level: Intermediate and Advanced

Ineligible University Students

  • Students whose native language is Chinese including a Chinese dialect such as Cantonese.
  • Students who grew up in a Chinese speaking environment.
  • Students who have studied or lived in a region where Chinese is the official language for two or more years.
  • Students who have advanced to and participated in the final round in a previous Jiangsu Cup competition.


Subject to minor change.

Nomination Period [August 31 - September 24]

  • 8/31 - 9/24: Participating universities need to return the nomination form by the deadline, recommending up to 8 student contestants for each institution for the 2018 Jiangsu Cup. Each school or institute should notify nominated students to visit our website and follow registration guidelines.

Preliminary Round [September 24 – October 05]

  • 9/24 - 10/05: All recommended contestants should visit the website designated for the preliminary round to complete registration by submitting the following:  online application form, video submission link, profile photo and short bio.
  • 10/06 - 10/07: The Contest Committee will finish reviewing all the applications and select 16 finalists.
  • 10/08: The Contest Committee will announce the 16 finalists who have successfully advanced to the Final Round.

Contestants who are not selected to participate in the Final Round will still be invited to attend the Final Round and each will receive a “Special Award Certificate” as well as other forms of recognition. These students may also remain eligible to apply for future Contests.

Final Round [Sunday, November 4 at 1957 E Street NW, City View Room, George Washington University]

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