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I am an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at George Washington University. I received my Ph.D. at MIT in 2012 under the guidance of Alex Postnikov, and worked for several years as a post-doc in the combinatorics group at the University of Minnesota. My Erdős number (see also) is at most 3.

The image at left was taken by Tom Roby at MIT's D.W. Weeks (Women in Math) seminar.

Contact Info

  jblewis if-you're-not-a-computer-you-know-what-goes-here

  Phillips Hall, Room 707
  801 22nd Street, NW
  Washington, DC 20052 USA

Office phone:
  (202) 994-0334


I'm interested in combinatorics, especially enumerative and algebraic. Much of my recent work involves the combinatorics of permutations, GLn(Fq)-analogues, and Coxeter groups. Preprints of all of my papers are available on the arXiv, and published versions are all linked from MathSciNet.


In Fall 2020, I am teaching Math 1231 (Calculus 1) and 2185 (Linear Algebra for Math Majors). Students should look for all course materials on Blackboard.

Office Hours

My office hours for Spring 2020 are TBD; they will be held online. If you are my student, you do not need to ask permission to come to office hours—just drop by! If you would like to meet with me outside of office hours, please send me an e-mail, letting me know what times you are available.


I co-organize the GWU combinatorics seminar with Joe Bonin. In Fall 2020, the seminar is on hiatus due to the pandemic. However, all is not lost: Aram Dermenjian maintains a list of online combinatorics talks here.

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