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Dr. Hurriyet Aydin Ok is a research fellow at GWU Cyber Security & Privacy Research Institute (CSPRI), and teaches Augmented and Virtual RealityE-Commerce Security, and Network Security. Prior to GWU, he contributed in the areas of developing technology strategy, enterprise directory and authentication strategy, infrastructure security and risk reviews, as a direct report to the CTO and a member of the IT leadership team for over 24 years at the World Bank.

Dr. Ok is the Founder of VRT-U, LLC, a startup technology venture focusing on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 360° Video for creating immersive learning content.

Hurriyet was a software engineer at Alcatel-Rovsing in Copenhagen, Denmark, developing software for American Airlines Data Network between 1985 and 87.

Dr. Ok holds a D.Sc. Degree (1994) in Computer Science from George Washington University, USA.

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