Liz Nelson, Off to England!

Our own Liz Nelson writes in to tell us that through the Pembroke Fellowship Program, she’ll be spending next year in England!  She writes:

I’ll be studying abroad at the University of Oxford, Pembroke College for the academic year reading Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE).  I don’t know what tutorials I’ll be taking yet, but they only do two per semester (with three terms per year), so I’d better choose wisely!  Tutorials are the primary mode of instruction at Oxford, and have only 2-4 students.
Applications for next year are due at the beginning of November, so if any freshmen are even considering it, it’s important to be on top of things and apply!  I’d definitely be willing to talk to anyone who’s interested about the application process (and I’m sure I’ll talk everyone’s ear off about the experience itself once I get back).

Congrats!  Make sure to send us a postcard!

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