Carve Pumpkins with the UHP …. Also, Candy.

And candy eating, too! Carve pumpkins in the UHP town house (714 21st street) in the spookiest club room in all of Foggy Bottom. Or should we say Foggy BOOOOOOOOOOOOttom?!


Help us plan to have enough candy.  RSVP on Facebook, please.

Friday, October 25th from 2-5pm
UHP Townhouse – 714 21st Street NW
Limited supply available of pumpkins for $5 each, or bring your own magnificent gourds! We’ll also have cheap carving kits (really, they’re cheap. If you’re a pumpkin artiste, you might want to bring your own.) Also, a big supply of candy.
Also on deck: spooooooooooooky videos on the TV, scaaaaaaaaary music, caaaaaaaaaaaaaandy!
Let us take a picture of your abominable creation and we’ll enter it in our annual pumpkin carving contest! The winner gets a gift card, which you can then use to buy candy!
No tricks, all treat! See you there! Candy.

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