Social Media Spotlight: LinkedIn!

Fun facts: there are two UHP logos in this picture, not just one.

With this, dear UHPers, we have come to the final episode of our social media spotlight series: LinkedIn.

Yes, that’s right, the UHP is on LinkedIn.

For a couple years now, the UHP has had a dedicated LinkedIn group where students can get connected with fellow UHP alumni to network and learn more about different industries. Turns out, we’ve been around for a bit now as a program, and we’ve got all sorts of alumni in all sorts of industries!

Here are the main purposes of this group. We want to:

  1. Connect students with alumni
  2. Connect students with each other
  3. Connect alumni with each other
  4. Build virtual community through career-related posts.

One: This is pretty much self-explanatory. Join the group as a student, scroll through our member list, and connect with one of our alumni that you’d like to learn from. It’s a whole lot more likely that you’ll be able to successfully connect with someone via LinkedIn if you already have the commonality of both being UHPers!

Two: This might seem unconventional, but there’s a lot y’all can learn from one another! If you’re trying to intern for the Department of Justice, there’s a strong chance you’ll be able to find a student who’s currently interning there in our membership. That way, you can chat with them, learn about their experience, and try to see if it’s for you.

Three: That’s right, this isn’t all for students! After you graduate, you can still take advantage of this network and connect with other alumni of the program through this group.

Four: We don’t want this to just be a place for people to LinkedIn-stalk –  we want people to post interesting career-related articles and opportunities here, too! Have something you think the UHP community might be interested in? Don’t hesitate to post it!

Also, we’ll be steadily inviting more and more alumni as time goes on. If you don’t see an alum you’d want to reach out to when scrolling through the group members currently, check back periodically!

Check out the other posts in our social media spotlight series: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

A Hearth for the School-Weary: Townhouse Guide

A Sophomore student enters Gelman library. She’s looking for a place to sit comfortably and lay out her study materials. Floor 2? The computers are taken, the couches are taken, the study rooms are taken. She ascends the stairs to Floor 3 – no luck there either. After spending a half hour searching for a place to study, finally, a study room is open. She settles in, grateful to have finally found a place to study…only to be kicked out 10 minutes later.

Have you ever experienced this? I certainly did when I was a student here. But there is a solution, dear UHPers! The Honors Townhouse!

From 9am – 5pm on Mondays through Fridays, you can come in to the townhouse at 714 21st St NW and make use of our space! It has a lot of components though – so pay careful attention!

Part 1: The Club Room

The Club Room is the communal hub of the townhouse. It’s our most popular study space and where most of our events take place. It’s a great place to study, eat lunch, and just generally hang out (see below).

Pictured: Jared Bulla (CCAS ’20), Anna Peacher-Ryan (CCAS ’20), and the lunch of Patrice Narasimhan (ESIA ’20)

It’s also an excellent “home base” on Foggy Bottom for you Vern-folk! In the words of Trey (SEAS ’20), “When I was a Freshman, I was a Vernie…it was kind of my ‘home away from home.’ And now, again, that I live off campus, it’s true again.”

Jared, a student who spends nearly every day in the townhouse, makes a standing desk out of the Club Room podium.

Part 2: The Kitchen

It is in the kitchen that the true perks of being in the Honors Program come to fruition. If you don’t already know, there is a Keurig machine, a hot chocolate machine, and a water dispenser (with ice-cold, hot, and sparkling settings) to which all UHP students have free and unlimited access! The only requirement? Bring your own mug/water bottle. You can always fill up the mug and then sit around and study in the Club Room or basement!

Jason Rucker (CCAS ’22), fills his mug with coffee

Part 3: The Basement

Not everyone knows about the basement. It’s a unique sort of place. It’s very rare that we have events down there, so it’s almost always open when the townhouse is. It’s usually quiet, secluded, *and* it’s got two whiteboards with an avalanche of markers! Right now, the basement is sad and empty (see below). Fill it with your presence, dear UHPers! In order to access the basement, go down the stairs across from the kitchen, and go to the right!

Part 4: The Front Office

And finally we come to my domain: the front office. The front office isn’t fundamentally a communal space like the Club Room or the Basement, but you’ll often run into faculty, other students, and of course myself here! Feel free to drop by anytime to say hello – I love meeting new students!

More often than not though, the relevancy of this office is the candy and the food! We have a free candy jar that is usually full of goodies:


And also, we often have free food sitting around from after events! Pro tip: we announce when we have free food on Twitter and Facebook, so like us and follow us below!

Part 5: The Thoughts of the Community

And finally, for the thoughts of others within our UHP community:

“My favorite part about the townhouse is…besides the free Keurig drinks, it’s a welcoming and warm place to study and have good discussions, to see people from class that you wouldn’t otherwise hang out with.” – Anna Peacher-Ryan, CCAS ’20

“Coffee, food, a place to study. What more could you need?” – Bridget Carl, GWSPH/CCAS ’21

“I love the townhouse, it’s the place where everyone knows your name. I thoroughly enjoy the free coffee, and recently I’ve been also really enjoying the sparkling water. As a former La Croix addict, I really enjoy the sparkling aspect.” – Jason Rucker, SMPA ’22

“I love the water and snacks.” – Marshall Deng, CCAS ’21

“[The townhouse is] a locus of intellectual activity on this campus…I spend oodles of time here throughout my week. It’s a very productive place, both intellectually and in terms of my…work.” – Jared Bulla, CCAS ’20 (and also the one pictured several times throughout this post).

Also, enjoy these additional photos taken for the purpose of this spotlight, but that did not fit anywhere else:


Office Hours, Appointments, and UHP Support – oh my!

aaaaaaall the UHP support

Your friendly neighborhood Program Managers, Brianna and Ben, are available to meet by appointment on both Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon. Click here to schedule! You can also email us at and

UHP Director Bethany Cobb Kung is also available for office hours 11am-12pm at the Mount Vernon Campus, and 2-3pm at the Foggy Bottom townhouse. You can also arrange an appointment by emailing

Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you this year!

Spring 2018 Extended Study Hours


Need a place to study? Come by the Townhouse for extended study hours in the Club Room! We’ll have assorted snacks and coffee (aka “the essentials”) and an overall studying environment that can’t be beat!
Check out the full schedule below:

Thursday, May 3, 9AM-10PM
Friday, May 4* 9AM-10PM (Townhouse closed for Student Faculty Dinner 4:45-7:15)
Saturday, May 5 12PM-10PM
Sunday, May 6 12PM-10PMMonday, May 7 9AM-10PM
Tuesday, May 8* 9AM-10PM
Wednesday, May 9 9AM-10PM
Thursday, May 10 9AM-10PM
Friday, May 11* 9AM-10PM
Saturday, May 12 12PM-5PM
Sunday, May 13 12PM-5PM
Monday, May 14 9AM-10PM
Tuesday, May 15 9AM-10PM
*The Club Room may be unavailable during certain times on these days, but the basement will be open.

Institute for Humane Studies Summer Opportunities

The Institute for Humane Studies is hosting two summer seminars that may be of interest to UHPers! If you are interested in pursuing any of these opportunities, please contact Prof. Christov ( for a recommendation.

  • The Foundations of Liberty (June 23–29)for undergraduates interested in learning more about classical liberalism
  • The Frontiers of Liberty (July 14–20)for advanced undergraduates studying classical liberal ideas with interest in pursuing a PhD

Applications are due May 15th.

IHS is also hiring summer interns!
June 4August 10, 2018 | Arlington, VA
The Savas Family Fund Internship Program is an opportunity for interns to engage with philosophical ideas, advance professional skills, and learn more about our classical liberal tradition.
Please reach out to Sharifa Ahmed at if you are interested in applying for a paid internship.

Spring 2018 Student-Faculty Dinner!

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching- papers, exams, presentations- yikes! Fortunately, for us UHPers, semester’s end also marks the arrival of the always-anticipated Student Faculty Dinner. Join us on Friday, May 4th from 5pm to 7pm at Chalin’s Chinese to gorge on Crab Rangoons and other delectable treats.

Tickets are on sale now at the UHP Townhouse and are only $5. You must purchase your tickets by Thursday, May 3rd at noon. That’s cheaper than Chipotle, even without the guac. For less than the cost of a subpar “burrito,” you can enjoy mountains of Chinese food and stimulating conversation with your favorite students, faculty and staff of the UHP. It’s really a win-win situation. We’ll see you there!

Honors Cords, Grad Reception, and the Senior Survey

If you’re graduating, have we got the survey for you! When you complete it, you can pick up your gold honor cord to wear at graduation.  You can also pick up your 5 tickets for the UHP Graduating Seniors reception between 5/7 and 5/16. I’m not saying we’re holding your cords and tickets hostage, but I’m also not not saying it.
Here’s what you need to know:
First, complete the senior survey. You can do this online starting today.  The survey is anonymous so that you can feel free to be honest, but we need to confirm that you’ve completed the survey. To do this, we will collect your childhood street name and high school mascot (think like a security question), which will be used to verify that you completed the survey.
Next, come pick up your golden cord and graduating senior reception tickets at the Foggy Bottom office staring Monday, May 7th.  You can continue to pick up your materials any time during regular business hours (9AM-5PM) after that up until the Wednesday before graduation. We’ll check to make sure you’ve already completed the Senior Survey by asking your to confirm your childhood street name and high school mascot.
Finally, attend the  UHP Graduating seniors reception.  We’ll be in the City View Room at 1957 E Street from 5-7pm on Saturday, May 19th, 2018. Please note the reception will feature a cash bar and you will be able to pick up one drink ticket per guest when you check in at the reception. Graduates can also take part in the annual UHP tradition of signing our senior poster.
Note: CCAS students attending the Undergraduate Degree Programs Celebration #2 at 3:30 will have plenty of time to celebrate at both events!
We look forward to seeing you and your guests at the reception!

Spring 2018 Research Showcase

Honors Research Showcase

You are invited to celebrate the research of your UHP peers at the University Honors Program Research Showcase!

Enjoy brief presentations and ask questions Friday, April 27th from 1pm-3pm in the Club Room of the Honors Townhouse. Let your fellow UHPers know how proud we are of their dedication and willingness to take intellectual omnivorous risks!

Please let Ben know ASAP if you’d like to present! (

#HonorsProblems: Teach ‘Em How to Say Goodbye


2014-8-23: Me as an actual baby on move-in day freshman year

Believe it or not but a lot has changed since I started at GW four years ago. The President of the United States was Barack Obama. GW had a dining hall called J Street (trust me, you aren’t missing out on much). I was a baby freshman who naively thought that I would live in DC indefinitely after graduation. But in the past 1327 days since I lugged my suitcases into a Thurston quad, I have fallen in love with a city that I will soon be leaving behind.
In the little amount of time that I have left in DC, I am doing my best to figure out how to say goodbye to the people, places and experiences that have shaped my four years at GW. I will do my best not to be melodramatic while writing about the difficulties of saying goodbye; rather, I hope to remind you all of how lucky we are to live in DC and to have the privilege to go to a university like GW.
2016-4-10: That time I photographed and hung out with former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney…talk about ~#OnlyatGW~

These seven semesters that I have spent on campus (plus one semester abroad) have gifted me with the opportunity to explore so many new places. In this city, I’ve found my favorite dessert place/spot to hang out: Half Smoke in the U Street Corridor. I’ve found my favorite artistic treasure of the city: the art restoration area in SAAM/Portrait Gallery. I’ve frequented the back portico of Lincoln, my favorite place to contemplate life, liberty and what I’m going to buy at the grocery store. I value the small, tightknit group of friends that I have formed at GW that would do anything for me, and I would do the same for them.
I have also discovered that not all food trucks are created equally and that “Mexican” food on the East Coast has a very different meaning than Mexican food in Southern California. And sometimes (read: most of the time) it’s more fun to stay in on a Friday and order Crepeaway than go out wearing a dress in 30° weather. Most importantly, I learned that a career in politics is not for me and that’s okay; there are plenty of other ways to use my education to make a difference in society.
2018-2-10: The friends that made my time at GW so full of love

As I prepare for my move back to Southern California, I cannot help but feel nostalgic about the time that I have spent at this school and in this amazing city. My life at GW has provided me with memories that will last forever, an education that I could not have received anywhere else, and a place that I will always call home and will be back to visit. At the end of each prospective student tour I give at GW, I tell the students that I hope they find somewhere that they can call home for the next four years of their lives. I found that place and I hope that all you UHPers feel the same. So I refuse to say goodbye to DC forever. But I may need a little help from George Washington to teach me how to say goodbye for now.
P.S. If you do not understand the title reference, please go listen to the Hamilton soundtrack or at least the song “One Last Time”.

Benchmarking Your Career Development

Ever wonder if you’re “falling behind” on your career plans? Does it feel like everyone else has it together, and you’re just filled with questions?
Guess what.
You’re probably fine. Learn more about why — Thursday, April 12th, West Hall, B-213, 7-8pm.
BENCHMARKING YOUR CAREER DEVELOPMENT, brought to you by the Career Services Center and the UHP. Light refreshments provided.

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