Free Concert at the Kennedy Center [SPA Event]


Interested in free music with an interesting international mix?  Join SPA sophomores Kevin Frey and Rebekah Johnson on their grassroots outing to see a free performance by Toubab Krewe at the Kennedy Center on Friday, Oct. 12.
This North Carolina based folk band fuses the music of Mali with American musical styles to create what is truly a unique blend of sound.  Aside from electric guitar and bass, this small ensemble features exotic instruments such as the kora, soku, and African Drums.
Sound interesting?  Kevin and Rebekah will be meeting outside of Funger Hall at 5:30 p.m. on Friday and will walk over to the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage.  Afterward, join them for half-price fro-yo at Campus Fresh!

Make Your 4-Year Plan Appointment, Now! [Freshmen]

This is actually how most students figure out their four year plan. NBD.

Freshmen, if you haven’t scheduled your meeting with Catherine or Liz to talk about your Four Year Plan (PDF), do it now! 
Technically, you’ve got until Friday, October 19th to complete this meeting.  But, Liz and Catherine’s schedules book up fast, so grab an appointment now! They’re just really, really popular, okay?!
If you’re feeling stumped on your Four Year Plan, don’t despair.  It’s just an exercise to help you see how to complete your five majors, full year abroad, 8 minors, and 7 internships in four years.  No pressure.
The best thing to do is to make your appointment right now, and just make sure you’ve got your plan prepared in time for it!

Walk-In Advising at the UHP!

Liz Sutton was once just a little girl with a dream, hoping to one day advise Honors students when they were available, and without an appointment. Today, that dream is finally a reality. She never thought the day would come, the day when a student could visit the Townhouse on Foggy Bottom after hours, from 5-7pm, walk right in and talk to her or a member of the SPA. Questions will be answered! Conversations will be had! And issues will be resolved in a timely manner!
Help make Liz’s lifelong goal more than just a pipe dream. Join hands with the UHP and say, on Wednesday nights, from 5-7pm, yes, we can.
Can’t wait to see you there, all hyped up on UHP patriotism and caffeine.
If you need an appointment during regular daytime hours, make sure to make an appointment.

These colors don’t run.

Graduating this Semester?

Not exactly an “early bird,” but it sounds like one.

It’s not uncommon for UHPers to hit the ground running a little bit earlier than their non-Honors peers.  If you’re one of the early birds, let us know!
For those of you graduating in December, we need your Intent to Graduate Form by Friday, October 12.

The Intent to Graduate Form is an online form that should take you about 5 minutes to complete.
We need you to fill this out to make sure you get counted as a UHP graduate!

Join Us On Google+!

Love to stay on top of the latest UHP Blog posts and news but don’t like our facebook page?  While we’re huge advocates of staying up-to-date on UHP happenings on facebook and twitter, we’ll forgive you if you add us to a circle on Google+.  That way, you can continue to get all of the most important UHP news, even if you’re (no longer) on the Zuckerberg band wagon.  You can add us to your circles and visit our page here.

Well, I Do Declare [Ask the Sherpa]

Sherpa, the Sherpa

A student intones:

Dear Sherpa,
I know what I want to major in, and how I want to spend the rest of my days, doing philosophy and only philosophy. But I’m scared to declare my major, and become a real person. What if I change my mind? Does this mean I have to start working on my thesis right now? I’m only a sophomore…why do I feel like I’m donning my cap and gown already?
Dare to Declare

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