UHP Trivia Night 2020

Who was the legendary Benedictine monk who invented champagne? What do you call a duel between three people? What is the closest city to the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull?

That’s right, the UHP is hosting a trivia night!

Join us on Sunday, March 29 for UHP trivia from 4-7 PM. We’re bringing in a professional trivia host and filling up the Vern’s Post Hall to give YOU the opportunity to show everyone how much stuff you know! I bet you know SO much stuff!

Tables at the event will hold teams of up to 10. If you’re signing up with a team, each person will need to sign up individually – make sure you decide your team name before signing up! And please, make sure it’s unique enough that you won’t be overlapping with other teams. Single players or smaller teams should sign up and will be grouped together to form a full table. Snacks will be provided, as will prizes for the winning table!

Also…feel free to invite a faculty member that you want on your team! Those faculty truly can be an excellent asset…

Sign up below!

The UHP at Nats Park — Should We Buy More Tickets??

Hello UHPers!

So you may remember our recent post about going to the Nats vs. Marlins game on April 7th at 7pm. That sign-up filled up *super* fast! Y’all love you some baseball!

The question is now: we have the opportunity to purchase some more tickets, and are trying to see if some of you UHPers would like to have a second shot at signing up! As a reminder, the ticket will cost you $7 and includes a $10 food credit for when you’re there. Let us know below if you would like us to purchase additional tickets! Please fill out this form by Thursday evening if so.

Sunday Brunch with the UHP!

March 1 (next Sunday). 11am (until 1pm). Townhouse Club Room. Be there!! We will have:

  • Free brunch food
  • Board games
  • Student staff Ronnie (always a delight)
  • The warm, comforting lighting of the Club Room chandeliers on a cold March morning
  • The UHP community!

RSVP below if you’ll be coming!

The UHP Takes On Nats Park!

Yup, that’s right! We’re heading over to Nationals Park on April 7th at 7PM to see our dear World Series Champions face off against the Miami Marlins. Tickets are only $7 (and include a $10 food voucher!), and we’ve only got 30 of them, so sign up quick!

Sign up below by February 28th at 5pm to put yourself in for a spot, and then you’ll need to pay in cash by March 13 at 5pm to confirm your reservation.

Food for Thought w/ Prof. Engstrom!

That’s right folks– our first Food for Thought of the semester is right around the corner! Join us on February 21st from 12-1 PM for free lunch and an interesting talk about Geography, satellite imagery, and population estimates! Read the note from Professor Engstrom for more details, and sign up on the form below that!

People and Pixels: Mapping Population Characteristics using Satellite Imagery

This presentation will cover using satellite imagery to map variations in population
characteristics including poverty, income, and population density at multiple spatial scales
within a range of countries. My recent research has focused on extracting contextual features
from satellite imagery and determining their ability to improve estimates of population
characteristics in low and middle income countries at wide range of spatial scales. Contextual
features can be defined as the statistical quantification of edge patterns, pixel groups, gaps,
texture, and the raw spectral signatures calculated over groups of pixels or neighborhoods.
These features were originally designed for facial recognition software and have been adapted
to use with satellite imagery. Results have found that these features are highly correlated with
poverty, income, and population in Sri Lanka, Belize, and Ghana at scales from cities to entire

Welcome to the New Blog!

Welcome, dear UHPers, to the NEW UHP BLOG! This space has a lot of fun new features, like a simplified menu, pages for Community Life and Openings and Opportunities, and a Featured Image of the Week (just a little bit to the right!).

Community Life

On this page, you’ll find the latest posts on upcoming events, peer advisor articles, and other community life news!

Openings and Opportunities

Here, you’ll see a complete summary of the job, internship, and research assistantship opportunities that people want to put before you UHPers, as well as other opportunities like the SURE and Strasser awards.


To your right, you’ll see a calendar of our upcoming events, as well as a list of those upcoming events below that calendar.

Submit a Post

Did you know that any UHP student can submit a post to our blog? Now of course just because you submit something doesn’t mean it’ll be approved, but if you have an event or an opportunity you want your fellow UHPers to know about, don’t hesitate to submit a post up there!


CCAS STEM Lab Summer Internship Program (Rising Juniors/Seniors)

The 2020 CCAS STEM Lab Summer Internship Program is an opportunity for undergraduate students in lab departments to stay at GW over the summer to work with faculty on the faculty’s research. Students will live in the GW residence halls for an eight to ten week period.

In the summer of 2020, CCAS will pilot this program with up to 8 rising juniors and seniors chosen from STEM fields who offer laboratory research on a competitive application process. Applications are due Friday, February 21st.

See below for full details!

CCAS STEM Lab Summer Internship Program for Undergraduate Students


What is the CCAS STEM Summer internship program?

The 2020 CCAS STEM Lab Summer Internship Program is an opportunity for undergraduate students in lab departments to stay at GW over the summer to work with faculty on the faculty’s research. Students will live in the GW residence halls for an eight to ten week period.

In the summer of 2020, CCAS will pilot this program with up to 8 rising juniors and seniors chosen from STEM fields who offer laboratory research on a competitive application process.

The CCAS STEM Lab Summer internship program will provide a number of benefits for students and faculty:

1. Students get hands on research experience working with faculty on scientific research projects. Students learn how research is conducted, receive research mentoring, and learn about the culture of scientific research.
2. This research experience prepares students for careers in STEM lab fields, including preparation for graduate school.
3. Faculty receive undergraduate student support for their research.
4. Departments bring more undergraduate students into their research enterprise.

How is the Program funded?
CCAS will support for students (rising juniors and seniors) to live in residence halls as well as provide a $1500 stipend for living expenses. Faculty will receive an $500 stipend.

According to the Tax Office 3-8313, the student should receive a 1098T and report this information on their taxes. It can, therefore, have an impact on student financial aid. Please let us know if this impact creates difficulty for a student’s participation.

GW housing will be available for twelve weeks although students are committed to work with their faculty sponsor for eight to ten weeks. We are in the process of arranging this housing and hope to have more details in February.

How will the CCAS summer program be organized?

Student and faculty pairs will apply for the program together. The application process will require a 2-3 page joint application.

1. Statement by the faculty of the research project with the student’s specific contribution to the research project.
2. Statement by the student of their interest in the faculty’s research project, and how participation in the project will contribute to their academic and/or professional goals
3. Short statement by department chair of how the faculty’s research project advances the research objectives of the department and how undergraduate student research contributes to the department’s curricular mission.

Program Requirements

1. Students are expected to work in the lab for forty hours per week.
2. After four weeks, faculty and students will submit a progress report that will summarize the student’s contributions to the faculty’s research.
3. Faculty and students must sign a contract where they both commit to the
4. If student does not adequately participate in summer research, housing support and funding will be withdrawn after the fourth week.

Applications are due to Rachel Riedner, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, (rach@gwu.edu) by Friday, February 21st 2020. Student and faculty applicants will receive notification by early March.

Hey, You Should Really Be in Honors!

First-year students in their second semester at GW are invited to apply to join the Honors Program! The deadline is Friday, February 21, 2020.   Students accepted will enter the program their sophomore year and jump-start with a specially designed course in Fall 2020. If you’d like to be part of the University Honors Program, please apply! If you’re already in the UHP — we know you’ve got friends that would be perfect for the UHP, so encourage them to apply!

Some quick FAQs, as well as details about the application process, are below. You can find the application here. 

When/where/how to apply? Applications are available online.  Complete it and return it to the UHP Office at 714 21st Street NW by 5pm on February 21, 2020.

What are the requirements to apply? The specific application materials are described in the application.  Second-semester freshmen with strong GPAs should apply — the UHP requires its students to maintain GPAs high enough so that it’s mathematically possible to graduate with a 3.0.  Please note that student schedules must allow for the student to take HONR 2016 Enlightenment East & West in fall 2019.

When are decisions announced? We’ll notify applicants during the spring semester, before registration in March.

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

…the holiday season here at the townhouse! Join us this Friday, 12/13 from 2-4 PM for our annual Townhouse Decorating Party! We’ll be putting up snowflakes, our Menorah, our Christmas tree, decorating gingerbread houses, creating ornaments…the whole shebang! We’ll have candy, we’ll have cupcakes – there’s no real reason you *shouldn’t* be here.

Hope to see you all there!

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