Life As A UHP Alum

So you did it. You graduated. Finally! I’ll say this one last time (it won’t be the last time)– congratulations! And now…you’re an alum. There are a ton of benefits that you can get as a GWU alum, but I wanted to detail for you some of the benefits you have specifically as a UHP alum! You can learn more about the broad GW alumni benefits here.


You may know already about the UHP LinkedIn Group, but if not, let me acquaint you! Over the past several years, we’ve been curating a LinkedIn group for UHPers. This can be a tremendous networking resource for you! If you join the group (you should join the group), you’ll be connected to a whole series of former UHPers now doing incredibly cool things all over the country. And they’ve all joined this group for the express purpose of networking with other UHPers. So take advantage of it! Look through the folks there– maybe one of them is doing your dream job!

UHP Events

Congratulations! You have earned free admission to all semesterly Student-Faculty Dinners from now until the end of time. And you did it just by graduating! If you’re ever back in town towards the end of a given semester, please drop us a line at or 202-994-6816 and join us. That goes for all sorts of UHP events– the UHP Hike, Food for Thoughts, Holiday Parties…all of it!

The Townhouse

You’re also always welcome to drop by the townhouse when you’re in town! Your free access to come around for free coffee, hot chocolate, and good company is officially approved to extend as long as we have coffee and hot chocolate. And we will definitely want to say hello!

More Coming Soon…

We’re also developing some further things for y’all, so stay tuned! If you want to get updates on this sort of thing, make sure you fill out the Senior Survey so we know how to get in touch with you.

And once again:


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