Riddle of the Day 4/28


A mesh with empty space beneath,
A cone inside is hidden.
I scream and shout but have no teeth,
At times I am forbidden.


Yesterday’s riddle was as follows:

I stand with my twin,
A stone in our throats.
You behold us both
In our shiny red coats.

(courtesy of Reddit user u/nogudatmaff)

The correct answer was CHERRIES! (Often in pairs, pit in the middle, shiny red coats)! No one got that though– so we’ve got two incorrect answers to award. One goes to Ethan Goldblatt with kidneys, and the other goes to Jared Bulla with “Looking down at your red boots on the pavement.” Congratulations to you both!

4 thoughts on “Riddle of the Day 4/28

  1. Cindy Y.

    Speakers and microphones!

  2. Liz

    A kazoo

  3. Bri Mirabile

    Ice cream

  4. Jared

    The subconscious

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