Allison Brie from Community dances while giving a presentation

Research Presentations on the Blog!

Research. It’s one of the pillars of academic life, and one of the deep-set values of our program. Usually, the UHP hosts a yearly Research Symposium event in the Spring where all our students get the chance to present their research to both faculty and peers. Obviously, we won’t be having that this Spring! But we wanted to offer you all the opportunity to share your research anyway. So introducing:

Blog research presentations!

If you’ve done substantial research in the past year, we want to hear you share it with us! We’d especially love to hear from you Seniors with your Senior Theses, but everyone is welcome to participate. You can feel free to submit a video presentation, a pdf tri-fold, a story from your researching, or honestly just the paper itself! We’ll be accepting these submissions from now until the end of the summer. You can submit them on our Submit A Post page, preferably tagged as Research Stories. We want to celebrate you and your accomplishments– especially the research ones!

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