Riddle of the Day 4/27


I stand with my twin,
A stone in our throats.
You behold us both
In our shiny red coats.


No one got the correct answer last week– so we’re going to have to award two creative ones! The correct answer was “the tongue.” (what tastes better than it smells?). We’re giving tokens to Bri Mirabile for “sweet victory” (with a delightful spongebob reference) and Cindy Y. with durian. Congratulations to you both!

4 thoughts on “Riddle of the Day 4/27

  1. Bri Mirabile

    British soldiers in Lexington circa 1776

  2. Ethan Goldblatt

    Kidneys? They’res two of them, they’re red, and you can get kidney stones…

  3. Rush P

    Chikfila worker

  4. Jared

    Looking down at your red boots on the pavement.

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