Riddle of the Day, 4/23


What has a heart

that doesn’t beat?


Passed from parent to child,
Shared between siblings.
My importance is unquestioned,
though used more by others.
What am I?

The correct answer was LAST NAMES and Cindy Y. got the first right answer. Mikaela T. wins best incorrect answer with a TV remote! A Townhouse Token to you both!

5 thoughts on “Riddle of the Day, 4/23

  1. Bri Mirabile

    One of Medusa’s victims, or Edgar Allen Poe’s floor

  2. Sydni Nadler

    Edward Cullen

  3. Sydni Nadler

    Palm or artichokes

  4. Grace Hallam

    Someone in cardiac arrest

  5. Cindy Y.


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