Riddle of the Day 4/9


I cannot speak.
But when spoken to,
I always reply.
What am I?


Yesterday’s riddle was “Feed me, I live. Give me drink, I die. What am I?” Sydni Nadler won the first correct answer with “fire,” and Maria Tapias won the most creative incorrect answer with “thirst.” Congratulations to you both!

4 thoughts on “Riddle of the Day 4/9

  1. Cindy Y.


  2. Sydni Nadler

    Me in origins having no idea what Plato is talking about but Dr. Ralkowski asks me a question anyways

  3. Bri Mirabile

    A dog (can’t actually speak, but when told to speak replies with a bark)

  4. Ryan Carroll

    A student who hasn’t read for class

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