Riddle of the Day 4/8


Feed me and I will live,
But give me drink and I die.
What am I?


The first correct answer to yesterdays riddle (“what can you hold in your left hand but not in your right?”) goes to Bri Mirabile with “your right hand” (really any part of the right arm from fingertips to just below the shoulder), and the best incorrect answer goes to Jared Bulla with a delightful series of alliterative puns on the Latin word for “left,” sinister. Congratulations to you both!

9 thoughts on “Riddle of the Day 4/8

  1. Sydni Nadler


  2. Cindy Y.

    iPhones! (Since you can feed technology information!)

  3. Sydni Nadler

    Alternatively, GW students after a long night looking for carvings

  4. Jared

    Your drunk friend!*

    *totally not me

  5. Bri Mirabile

    Socrates, who as we know is a human and needed to eat; but when he drank with other philosophers, philosophized so well that he annoyed the Athenians who eventually executed him.

  6. Maria Tapias


  7. Ryan Carroll

    UHP students eating snacks in the Honors townhouse but going into the staff fridge for drinks

    • Josh

      Ryan is correct. If you steal drinks from the staff fridge, you will, in fact, die. Not because we will kill you, but because only UHP staff are inured to the strange toxins contained therein. Stay away for your own safety!!

      • Jared

        There be demons!

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