Riddle of the Day 3/25

Here we are, UHPers! Our first Riddle of the Day. We’re posting this on Tuesday, but this is officially our riddle for tomorrow– which means you’ve got some extra time to answer it! Answer in the comments below (or on Facebook). The first correct answer will receive a Townhouse Token, as will the most creative wrong answer. Anyway, here it is:

The more you take of me, the more you leave behind. What am I?

11 thoughts on “Riddle of the Day 3/25

  1. Bri Mirabile


  2. Bridget Carl

    footsteps 🙂

  3. Sydni Nadler

    footsteps or love!

  4. Laina


  5. Ujwal Boddeti


  6. Anshul Rajwanshi

    Footsteps, experiences

  7. Mason Hubbell


  8. Jared


  9. Clarissa


  10. Brittney Ho


  11. Ryan

    Paper extensions in HONR 1016

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