Midterm Season Cometh: Mental Health and Study Resources

A dog flips through her textbook. She knows she will rock this exam, just like she knows you will rock yours.

It’s a classic college experience: you look at the syllabus to figure out what the homework is this week, and then you see…could it be? We have a midterm next week? But it’s September! How is this possible?! Is my college career about to come crashing down?

Let not your hearts be troubled, dear UHPers! GWU is chock-full of *free* resources to keep you mentally healthy and on top of your workload this season.

First and foremost: the Colonial Health Center offers free short-term counseling for students. This means that if you want support dealing with any kind of short-term mental health issue (midterm anxiety, personal grief, etc.), you can get that support through free sessions with licensed counselors at CHC. Even if you think you might be dealing with a long-term issue, you can get your process of care started in these free sessions, and the CHC will help connect you to a long-term care provider in the area.

Also, don’t feel like whatever trouble you’re having is too small to merit seeking help. As they say on their website: “no problem is too big or too small to address in counseling.” If you’re interested in accessing CHC care, you can find out more on their website.

The CHC also offers free self-help texts that you can find here. I highly recommend looking into these resources: they have tips for test anxiety, coping with stress, even getting good sleep!

Our beloved Gelman Library also offers some free workshops on how to study that can be found on their event calendar. Some upcoming examples include: “The Ultimate Note-Taking Workshop” on Thursday, October 10 and “Getting that A” on Thursday, October 17.

That’s all for now, friends. But I hope you take advantage of some of the resources here, and I wish you all a fantastic midterm season. You’re gonna do great!

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