4-Year Plan Deadline This Friday!

Freshmen! Come one, come all! 4-Year Plans are due this Friday (10/10/2014)!
Not ready?

  • Email uhpspa@gwu.edu right now and they’ll meet with you ASAP to whip that 4-year plan into shape.

Haven’t met with Catherine to approve it yet?

What if I ignore this mandatory deadline?

  • You will not be prepared to register for classes (yes, that is very soon)

Message to leave with:

  • If you don’t get your 4-year plan approved by Friday, you’ll have a hard time registering early!

Real Talk:

  • You’re an honors student, you’re better than this
  • Ryan Gosling will reward you   😉


1 thought on “4-Year Plan Deadline This Friday!

  1. catherine

    tyler durden was wrong about me.

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