Off on the Road to NACADA

Liz, Catherine, and Jared will be out of the office on Oct. 4th & 5th, because we’ll be in Nashville, TN, sharing our wisdom at the national conference of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).
You might remember that we went off last year to present “Intelligent Internetting: or How I Learned to Stop Excessive Emailing and Love the Blog” at the regional conference in Annapolis, MD.


Turns out that the audience liked it so much, they voted us “Best in Region.”  Not unlike typical dog shows, that means we got invited back for an encore presentation at the national convention.  Or as any GLEE fan would put it:  OMG WE WON REGIONALS YOU GUYS OMG!
We’re happy to talk about our online appointment scheduler, IMs with advisors, snazzy NewsFlash!online formssocial media communities, an active (and often entertaining) blog, and more.  We’re especially happy to share our working philosophy of not spamming students with a constant barrage of emails.
At these conferences, we’re always reminded how lucky we are to get to work with such great students.  #HonorsProblems are the best kind, and a big part of the reason our jobs are so much fun is the fantastic student body we get to work with.

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